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Thread: Best Hybrid Table Saw?

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    Best Hybrid Table Saw?

    Hey Guys,

    I have been trying to read some of the reviews on hybrid table saws but most I read are dated from years ago. I am considering two hybrid saws and I am just trying to get some basci opinion on both saws to make up my mind. I am considering the Dlta Hybrid saw with the Bisesemyer Fence ($1099 at Rockler) I also am considereing the Dewalt Hybrid saw ($1200) Due to certain connections I can get a Dewalt saw for 30% off its normal price.

    What I am looking for:
    - Dust collection- I currently do not have a collector but I have a shop vac that I use frequently. Do I absolutley need a colector right away?
    - Power- they both are rated at 1.75 hp so this is probably a wash
    - Fence- is the Bisesemyer name that much better than the stock fence that comes with the DeWalt?
    - Miter Gauge- The Dewalt looks like it has a crapy miter gauge unlike the Delta Delux miter gauge.
    Can I upgrade- I know with a name like Delta I can buy all sorts of upgrades for the saw (zero clearence inserts, spitters, tennon jigs, etc) I am not sure if some of these things are availble for the Dewalt.

    I appreciate the help guys and I apologize for any spelling mistakes

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    Hi Aaron - It's really going to boil down to which one you like best. There are pros and cons with each, and much is a matter of opinion. All the top hybrids can be setup well and equipped with a nice blade for excellent performance.

    The Biese fence is considerably nicer than the stock fence on the DW IMO, but that's another subjective choice. Also, the stock wings on the DW are steel vs cast iron on most others in this price range. The DW has a more elegant trunnion system than the Delta does, but the Delta has better dust collection. 30% discount is attractive though! Most aftermarket accessories will fit both, except for throat inserts...those tend to be proprietary, but the Delta insert is a more common.

    Both that you mentioned are capable saws, but IMHO neither offers much overall advantage to a few others in the same class and price range. The Jet Proshop 708482k, GI 50-220CM1, and Grizzly G0478 all offer a similar trunnion system to the DW but have a fence and dust collection system more similar to the Delta's, plus all offer cast iron wings. The Steel City 35601 and Craftsman 22124 hybrids offer cabinet mounted trunnions for easier alignment, whereas the others are all table mounted and tougher to reach, plus the 22124 and SC have a fence and dust collection system more similar to the Delta's, along with the CI wings. These hybrids have all been top choices by various magazines.

    More food for thought...If you've got 220v available, a full 3hp industrial cabinet saw is available from Grizzly for ~ $1100 to the door, and will offer significant advantages over the hybrids.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    I'm also considering a new saw, but my question is; do any manufacturers offer a stripped version of their saws (no blade, fence, wings, etc.) at a reduced price so I can transfer my customized accessories to the new saw and not have to pay for those that generally come with a new saw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Cain View Post
    Do I absolutley need a colector right away?
    No, you do not need a dust collector right away. You should have one already!

    Your shop vac will be better than nothing and may be better than nothing at collecting wood chips. But I doubt it will even do that with any degree of effectiveness, and if it does, it will fill up quickly.

    A few years ago I inherited an old contractor saw that had lived through a garage fire and then sat outside in the elements for a year or so. Cleaned it up to the best of my abilities.

    Shortly after getting this machine operational my wife asked me to cut a 4'x4' sheet of melamine into one foot squares. I'll spare you the fiasco of the fence and unparalleled blade. I made the cuts and gave her four pieces of relatively square melamine. Everything in the garage however was covered in a thick coat of brown dust. Nevermind the inside of my lungs.

    Dust collection will likely be one of the next things you'll be considering after you cut a few board feet.

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    If you haven't already done so, read this article I think it may help. I was recently in the position of looking for a TS. After months of research, I finally bought (well, it's ordered...should come in April) the Jet Proshop 708482k. I got it from Lowes with a 10% off coupon for $614 out the door. I have to agree with Scott in that if you're going to spend ~$1000 to consider the Griz 1023. All info that I've found suggests that it's hard to beat for the money.

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    I just picked up my Jet ProShop with cast wings. After reading all the reviews, I felt this was the best saw for my money and space/needs . Unfortunately, it will remain in the boxes for another week till I can round up help to put it together.
    Lori K

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    I personally don’t think the magazine tests of hybrid table saws are very useful in choosing a particular model. What they do illustrate is that there really is no clear standout in this class of tool, as every test has picked a different “winner.” I owned the Delta Hybrid for a short time to do a project, and quickly sold it (my other saws are 3 phase). The Biesemeyer fence is easily the best feature of the Delta hybrid, and the miter guide is also very nice, but for anyone used to real cabinet saws, I think all the hybrids will be a disappointment. Lack of power and smoothness are the main reasons I didn’t keep it. It also had a lot of arbor runout and a warped table wing, and I just didn't think it was worth the effort to correct these things on an underpowered saw.

    I second Scott Spencer on the Grizzly 3hp cabinet saw. If you have 220 power, you are getting a significantly more capable tool for the same money. Then there is always the used tool market…..


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    Have you read the user reviews at amazon on those yet? They will be pretty telling, I'd imagine.

    You can get by without a dust collector for now if you have a good shop vac and if your saw has decent dust containment.

    I have a high-end jobsite table saw (Ridgid TS2400) which has good dust containment/collection design, and a high end Hitachi shop vac that do a wonderful job. (esp. with the zero clearance insert)

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