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    Hybrid Table Saw

    I am in the process of purchasing a new table saw and have decided to purchase a hybrid. My top 2 choices are the Craftsman 22124 and the Steelcity 35601. I like the Delta 36-715 but I don't know if it has cabinet mounted trunnions, a must for me.

    I have spent 6 months researching and have narrowed it down to these 3 saws. I have also seen both the Craftsman and Steelcity guts and cannot tell the difference. My understanding is that Orion makes both and they are basically the same saw, and the same price, in my experience.

    My question to all Creekers is what do you think of the 3 and can you give me any information that would be valuable concerning any of the 3 saws? I live in Denver and it has been difficult to purchase any of these saws without waiting 6 weeks.

    All advice is greatly appreciated!

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    The Delta has table mounted trunions so it is out of the running. I don't have any of the saws listed. The Craftsman has a loyal following. The Steel City has a 5 year warrenty vs the 1year on the Craftsman. Otherwise I think they are about equal. The Craftsman, I would think you could locally pretty quickly. Looks like Woodcraft is the only place in Denver that caries Steel City and they mor than likely only carry the cabinet saw.

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    I Have The 22124 And Love It.very Nice Blade On It If The Steel City Saqw You Are Looking At Has The Granite Tops Then I Would Go That Way. Good Luck Jack

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    I have the delta version you're talking about, but with a biesemeyer fence and I've since added 50" rails. Trunnions are table mounted, but adjustment of them wasn't difficult. My concern is that there is no need for the assembly to be pulling down on the table top, especially in the long term. My table top has 0.008" of dip in the middle. Runout and other things are acceptable, but not very good. Manual stated that the saw was expertly set up at the factory and trunnions should not need adjustment, but reality measuring the alignment showed it to be off 0.02". I don't know where that's considered acceptable, but it isn't here.

    I would strongly suggest that unless you have only 110 power available or unless you've found a screaming deal on a hybrid saw, you should find a good used 3+ hp cabinet saw instead. I would do that if I had to purchase again, even though I don't get much time for WWing.

    It's not a need, and I'm not dissatisfied with the delta saw, but it isn't a secret super bargain - you get what you pay for, sometimes less, not as often more.

    I have the chance to use a WW buddy's 5hp PM 66 often and it really makes a hybrid saw feel like a toy all the way around - especially ripping long boards once you get in rhythm. Feed rate is dictated on the hybrid by what you're cutting. With a true cabinet saw, you have a lot more flexibility on how fast you can feed.

    Anyway, Steel City and Craftsman zipcode saws have cabinet mounted trunnions, and I'm sure several other do. All of them are decent saws, maybe with the exception of the hitachi hybrid. All of them will do an adequate job, though not with the aplomb that a full cabinet saw will.

    That's just my two cents and I'm still a novice.
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    Thanks for all the feedback, it is much appreciated. A true cabinet saw was in the running until I recieved an estimate for running 220v to my basement shop. I will be running a new 110v circuit to the basement for misc. tools so that budget is shot, thus the hybrid saw.

    The 5 year warranty on the SC is a big seller, but availability is a problem. Both Woodcraft and Toolking carry them but getting one in stock proves difficult. Craftsman offers a 5 year in home warranty for $150 so if I can get a GBD (good buddy deal, for future reference) then it is a wash.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

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