Cutting Boards Tutorial (Page 3 of 7)
Written by: Mike Schwing

- Materials, tools, and supplies you'll need -

[ Wood ]

Two species are needed, something that provides for nice contrast. Hard maple should be one of the choices as it'll stand up well to a knife. Black walnut makes a great contrasting wood, but mahogany is nice too, and slightly cheaper. Cherry? Sure, but its $$. For this example we'll assume hard maple and black walnut.

Go buy 8/4 thick (2") maple and walnut, in 12" width if possible. I start with blanks 17" in length. No knots! Sometimes a little heartwood adds character to the board.

[ Tools ]

Of course you'll need a table saw. A thickness planer is helpful to have. Lots of big strong clamps, I use Bessey K body clamps plus a lot of pipe clamps to add pressure. The K body clamps stay parallel - crucial to success of this project.

You'll also need:

  • Glue - Titebond II White glue - long open time.
  • Wax paper
  • Marking pencil
  • Hand Planes (if no thickness planer)
  • Cabinet scraper
  • Sandpaper from 60 grit to 320 grit
  • Finish - I prefer Behlen Salad Bowl Finish
  • Non skid feet (4)
  • Router (preferably table mounted), and
  • either a 45 degree chamfer bit w/bearing or a 3/8"
    roundover w/bearing and a 1/2" cove w/bearing.

[ Lets start prepping the wood... ]

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