Cutting Boards Tutorial (Page 6 of 7)
Written by: Mike Schwing

So now we have a cool looking strip of laminates, lets make it cooler.

We need a good squared up reference line to make the next set of cuts. If you don't have a crosscut sled, use a good square and double stick tape a block of wood (or MDF) to the edge so it is 90 degrees to the wood laminates. This edge will run along the table saw fence.
Cut off the ends so you have a square line. A Gripper works great, as you can see! (I usually use a crosscut sled to do this but not everyone has one)
Once you have a good reference edge, cut off the other end to make it square. Then simply mark and cut out a strip as you please from somewhere in the board. Flip it end for end and then reglue and clamp it back together.
Here it is, all reglued, and planed. Neat huh! Now to finish it.

Sorry I don't have pictures of it, but I now take a 45 degree chamfer bit, with a bearing on top, and put an edge on the top and bottom of the board. I raise the bit more for the bottom, I think it looks nicer. Preferably you'd do this on a router table, but you can do it with a hand held router, just be careful with it.
Sand it starting with 60 grit and go up to 320. After that, rub it down with 0000 steel wool to bring out the sheen.
Apply a light coat of Behlen Salad Bowl Finish with a sponge. Let it dry and apply a 2nd coat. When that dries rub it out with 0000 steel wool to get rid of any shine and sign your name in permanent ink on the bottom. Finish with a 3rd coat of finish, very lightly and rub it in till it looks almost dry.
You're almost done! Add 4 non skid feet. Smile. Show it off.

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