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Thread: New Tablesaw Purchase - Hybrid or Cabinet?

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    New Tablesaw Purchase - Hybrid or Cabinet?

    I have been shopping around for a new table saw. I have a maximum $1,200 budget, so most of the better cabinet saws are not really an option.

    The saws I have been concentrating on are basically the hybrids and the starter-level cabinet saws. The main differences I can see between the two types are:

    1. The trunnion mounting method - top mounted vs. cabinet mounted. Based on the recent article in FWW (link below), however, it appears there are at least two hybrid saw with the trunnions mounted to the cabinet (Craftsman and Steel City).

    2. All (or nearly all) of the cabinet saws have a 220 VAC requirement, whereas the hybrids. This is not a problem for me as I already have 220 in the shop, but I suppose it matters for some other folks.

    The simple question I have is: In addition to the two issues above, what are the other factors I should consider when choosing between a hybrid vs. a cabinet saw?


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    The industrial cabinet saws are much more substantially built. The full cabinet saws also have at least 3hp motors vs ~ 1-3/4hp for the hybrids. They're made to run 24/7 for decades. The hybrids are plenty for a homeshop but aren't made the way an industrial cabinet saw is. If price is close and you have 220v, and you're looking to the get most for your money, the cabinet saws have many advantages.

    Grizzly G0478 hybrid table mounted trunnions:

    SC/22124 hybrid cabinet trunnions:

    Grizzly g1023s industrial cabinet saw trunnions:
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    Hybrid or Cabinet?

    I have the Craftsman 22124, because I don't have 220VAC in my shop and I was able to purchase at a large discount($712.00 out the door). I have at times wished for more power. Since 220 VAC is not a problem for you, I would think that the Grizzly 1023 should be at the top of the list at your budget.
    Good Luck with your purchase and let us know of your decision.

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    Hands down, go with the cabinet. Even at 1,200 bucks, you can still find a used one that will be as good as new at that price OR save up a few hundred more a get a new one. Either way....go with the cabinet. You'll be glad you did.

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    I have a Delta Unisaw that I got a great deal on. If I were looking for a new table saw, it would be a Grizzly 1023, or a used older cabinet saw, from Powermatic, Delta, General, or Jet. If you have $1200 to spend, I wouldnt even consider a hybrid.

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    If you want new the 1023 is the most bang for the buck. Used and it just depends on patience and luck. I am just not a fan of hybrids. I have a contractor saw and couldn't see spending $1000 to end up with a saw that is equally hard to align.

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    table saw

    Quote Originally Posted by Quesne Ouaques View Post
    I have been shopping around for a new table saw. I have a maximum $1,200 budget, so most of the better cabinet saws are not really an option.
    Sell your contractor saw for a few hundred and buy the best quality tablesaw you can afford that has a riving knife. You'll have to stretch your budget a little but the grizzly 0651 is a good saw for 1,695. Sell a tool or two to get a safe accurate cabinet saw that you'll have the rest of your days. The riving knife is an essential feature in my opinion.

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    Scott's post says it all! There is no other decision to make!! Oh yea, when to make the call! Jim.
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    I was in the same boat, and the hybrid was what ... 200 or so less???

    I ended up with a 3hp cabinet saw that I most likely will never have to upgrade ....

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    I had a contractor saw for the last couple of years, always wanted a cabinet saw (drooled over a PM66 for years), considered a hybrid. Luck shined upon me when another SMC contributor posted a PM66 last November, I would check the classifieds here religiously, look at Craigs list, ect. I was able to pick up (steal as some folks stated here, I debated that claim), a beautiful saw for next to nothing (700.00 + mobile stand included). Woodworking equipment is like used cars, there are true deals, then there are shaft jobs.


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    I agree with most posters-- the cabinet saw is the way to go. I've got the Grizzly 1023SL and am very happy with it. I don't think you will be disappointed. If it were me and I saved only a couple of hundred dollars and bought a hybrid, I would always be second guessing myself.


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    With a $1200 budget I wouldn't even consider a hybrid. I would look for a used cabinet saw or buy a Grizzly 1023 and be done with it.

    Woodworker Supply still has a 3hp RT cabinet saw with 50" fence for $1199 delivered.
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    I have a delta hybrid saw and have used some cabinet saws.

    The only thing good about my saw compared to some saws is a biesemeyer fence.

    If I had to do it again, I'd get a full cabinet saw. I was just playing it cheap because amazon had a sale and I didn't want to fool with getting 220v in my garage.

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    About 2 years ago, I went to my local hardware store, and she called Delta, and I got a Unisaw for about that money. Of course I got the long bies fence, but had to make my own table extension. The best deal was to buy the 30" saw, and add the long rails. Came with all the hardware, just had to take some plywood and build the extension. Jim

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