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Thread: Bosch Colt small router (question)

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    Bosch Colt small router (question)

    I was thinking of buying a Bosch Colt small router (trimmer) but read the reviews on Amazon and started to question its quality. The big complaint is the spindle lock - many people say it just doesn't work, or if it does, it wears and quickly stops working.

    What's your experience? Has Bosch fixed this issue or do you just use two wrenches? Or is it not an issue for you (your spindle lock works just fine)?

    All comments welcome and appreciated.

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    I've heard a number of people talk about the spindle lock breaking and resorting to the two wrenches. I haven't had the problem yet with mine, but plan on calling Bosch to get the second wrench just to be on the safe side.

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    I use mine a lot, in fact I think I use it more then my big Bosch router and I have had no problem at all.

    I would say when you push the lock in make sure it goes in all the way, it will go in just a little and hole the shaft but I think it needs to be press in all the way.

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    The Bosch Colt is a great little trim router,the spindle lock failed the first time I used the router. Bosch repaired it and it only lasted for a couple of uses and failed again. I just use a second wrench with it which is just about as quick and easy as using the spindle lock when it did work.


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    The fix is to just go two wrenches. It will be easier on your fingers as well. I actually prefer the wrenches. Mine broke twice. Once on the third bit change . . . back from repair . . . then on the first bit change. This is the only weak spot I can find on the tool. I really enjoy working with it. It is such a jump above the rest of the herd, it is not surprising all the reviewer's love it. Get the VS.
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    Like mine alot - have not broken the spindle lock yet (knock on wood). Just got the PR007 (I think that's the right #) that has dust collection - looking forward to trying that out.

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    bosch colt

    not a problem with mine, it works great

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    I am glad to hear that all of you like it. I just purchased it and have not even taken it out of the packaging yet.


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