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Thread: Tote making Part

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    Tote making Part

    It seems like just about every plane you find has a busted tote. Alot of people have been asking to buy them lately but you will soon realize the cost of a tote can often times be more than you paid for the plane in the first place. The easy way out is to make your own. I know this has been covered before and there is a better tutorial but for those who cant search I was making this anyways why not take a few pictures and explain how I did it.

    Start out with a piece that is a bit thicker than you want the tote. I just used a piece of a walnut cut off for this one. Cut it down to a square. Use a square to make a straight line from top to bottom.

    Find a tote that hasnt been broken and pass something straight through the hole the bolt goes through on the tote. Line it up with the first line you layed out.

    Trace the outline of the tote on to the wood. You can be sloppy because you will be shaping later.

    Next use a square to transfer the original line to the top and bottom of the piece, find the center of the tranfered line and mark it.

    once you have the piece marked find a drill bit the correct size and long enough to pass through the piece. Line it up on the mark and drill the hole with the drill press. (You will drill the countersink for the brass nut after shaping to get the correct depth.

    After the hole is drilled cut the outline of the tote. You can use a bandsaw or scroll saw but in the galoot spirit you can also use a coping saw

    Once you have it cut out you will start to have your tote. Secure the piece and use rasps then sand paper to shape your tote. Have fun and make it custom fit. I like to make thinner longer horns.

    To do the countersink a forstner bit will work. I just use the original hole as a guide and it has came out ok with the totes I have made so far.

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    Tote Making Part 2

    After all the rasping and sanding you should have a nice tote custom fit to you.



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    Excellent tutorial and work, Clint!

    Regards from Perth


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    Very nice! I'm thinking about making a tote and knob like Derek put on his LVLAS.

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    Nice work Cliff. Thanks.

    How critical is grain orientation.?

    Once again. Thanks. Not sure I would have thought about drilling the hole first.

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    Clint, I had seen a tutorial about repairing handles and even gluing a block on for the part that is missing. Your's is the first I have seen about making your own complete handle. I suppose the grain orientation is critically important. In Joel's plans for a saw handle at Tools for Working Wood, there is a good discussion and picture for grain orientation. I think the general principle applies here too.

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    You are a wise man. I shaped the thing first and had a *&&^%$# of a time drilling the hole to come out right. Despite all the fussing and sanding I think i will start over again. Ron.

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    Very nice tutorial Clint. Thank you for making this available to members.
    Dave Anderson

    Chester, NH

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    Thanks for the post. Nice work.

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    Beautiful. Now, would I make that knob. Remember, no tails allowed!

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    You know I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to drill that hole for the long bolt should I buy a new tote for an odd plane I have. Then I saw what you did, that is drilling the block before you cut it out, and I slppped myself upside the head how simple.

    Thanks Clint that looks promising, very promising. Is Walnut a good choice for the wood as I happen to have some around and I noticed you used it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Mittlefehldt View Post
    Is Walnut a good choice for the wood as I happen to have some around and I noticed you used it?
    I like it. I have also used mahogony and cocobola. They all look nice and hold up well. I think I may try cherry next or if I could get my hands on some nice apple Here is how the walnut looks finished. One thing I forgot to mention is make sure you get the grain somewhat horizontal, dont run it vertical it will look screwed up.

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    Clint, your solution for drilling is so simple and elegant. "DOH" why didn't I think of that. Thanks for a very nice toot.


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    Thanks, Clint. I was one of the galoots interested in seeing your method. I have to admit I have made a couple of totes from oak and always try to drill the hole after the shaping. Now why didn't I think of drilling the hole first, one of those duh moments
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    Allright Clint, how about, or have you done, a series on restoring/repairing a plane from start to finish (which this could be a part of)?

    I will be shopping for a number 3 or 4 from you around February, unless I can improve on my rehab skills. I need a finished, rehabed plane, to compare to. (comparing to the new LN, make me know I). Plus I have one plane I would rather not experiment/clean up, until I am decent.

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