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Thread: Grizzly G0514x vs Laguna LT16

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    Grizzly G0514x vs Laguna LT16

    I'd like some help choosing between these two bandsaws.

    Heres what I've noticed between the two.

    Grizzly G0514x
    18 1/4 inch throat to blade
    Has a bigger table: 26 3/4 x 19
    460 lbs
    6inch (I believe) Resaw fence included
    $1250 Shipped

    Laguna LT16
    15 1/2 inch throat to blade
    Smaller Table: 19 1/2 x 15 3/4
    Baldor motor
    352 lbs
    Ceramic Guides
    $1450 Shipped (Being offered that price)

    Now I'm looking for the best quality, at the price I'm being offered for the LT16 I don't mind paying a little extra. However, I'm paying extra for a smaller saw so is it worth it?

    For anyone who owns the Grizzly, have you cut veneers on this saw? I want to be able to do accurate 1/16 inch veneers. I will also be doing curve work. Will both saws do this equally well, assuming I'm using the same, correct, blade for the task?

    Anything else I'm missing that could swing one saw ahead of the other?

    Thanks ahead

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    I have the G0514X. Yes, I slice off veneer though I have not attempted less than 1/8th I am positive I could do it. I have resawn tons of QSWO and curly hard maple in very wide widths. I use an Iturra version of the woodslicer. I dont think I have ever really used to to do any curves. The resaw fences is included and is quite excellent!

    Seems the things you are pointing out are the things that caused me to buy the Grizzly : large table is awesome, 18 1/4" throat came in handy making some rip cuts that I wasn't comfortable making on TS, it is massive, and I love the double bearing guide system on top AND bottom. The only thing I do not like about the saw, and this is purely mental as I have had zero deflection of the table, is the steel trunions. I wish they were cast iron. In the G0514X2 they are cast iron, and it also has a foot break. I was at Grizzly today and compared them side by side and was still happy with my 0514X versus the X2.

    Edit : There is also something to be said for Grizzlys superior customer service and Lagunas horrid customer service. I needed a replacement button for a magnetic switch for a drum sander. I had a tracking number on the package within 30 minutes and had the part by 10:00 AM the following day, even with regular cheapo shipping. Today, I needed a plastic screw for the cover of the same switch and they went in the back, found one in the repair department and gave it to me free of charge. Told me if that one happened to break let them know next time I am in and they will give me a metal screw set that should work. I have never dealt with Laguna, but I can say I never will after reading the service received by others on this forum.
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    Me? I would go with the Laguna. I do believe from what I have read that the Laguna guides are better and I would perfer the Baldor motor. However, this is over $500 less than the Laguna saw was offered to me when I was shopping a few weeks ago. I am in SC so maybe part of it is shipping but no way all of it. How can they quote me $1976 2 weeks ago and sale it to you for $1450 today? I guess these guys are car salesmen!!! I guess they are not including the foot brake for that price but that is still a big difference.
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    Just a generic reply

    I don't own either and am unable to comment. But if you often do curved cuts, a 2" wider throat means a lot.


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    I would get the Grizzly. I think they have a better chance of being in business in 10 years, and I haven't seen anything to indicate that in practical every day use, that the laguna is better.

    Laguna has a very bad habit of badmouthing everyone else and over-talking their machines, even if they are of decent quality. I like to reward things like that with buy other peoples' products.

    I have a feeling that if you had a problem with something you got from Grizzly, and you mentioned it on here before you called about it, Shiraz would be asking you for your phone number and having someone call you.

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    John- The price I'm being offered is a show special price that I reserved with them.

    Jeffrey S.- Thanks for the comment about the veneers, so you would say the griz cuts them accurately?
    What I'm wondering about is blade drift and if the ceramic guides do a better job at preventing it.

    Just last week I was leaning towards the laguna but now im leaning more griz...hmm

    Thanks for the thoughts guys, anyone else have some thoughts??

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    I have the 513x and really like it. I have had two issues, which Grizz promplty resolved, including sending me a new CI table with no questions asked/no need to return the table. Awesome CS, and a nice saw.

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    I have had the 514x for almost a year and I can second all the previous positive comments. I have resawed quite a bit of 8-12" stock without a hitch. As far as cutting veneers, I'm sure either bandsaw would suffice. I find what's almost more important than the tool is using proper technique and a quality, sharp blade.

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    How are these saws at cutting thick curves?

    In the past I have cut 6 inch walnut with a curve and had problems with accuracy. The cuts were not straight, i know it was likely the saw i was using but want to know if either of these will likely do it better. Anyone have experience doing that sort of work?

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    I have a Laguna LT16. Mine was built early in the model run but I have not been overwhelmed by quality at all. All of the lock washers had to be replaced as they crumbled when I tightened the bolts on them. I had major electrical issues. Dust collection isn't great. The ceramic guides need to be readjusted when raising or lowering them. Laguna was underwhelming in their response to the issues I needed resolved to say the least. I found it maddening to deal with since the prospect of shipping it back was a pretty big pain in the butt. I got mine for about $1500 shipped to NY.
    I would definately save the few hundred bucks and get a Grizzly or something else that I could source more locally.
    Grizzly has a good track record for standing by their machines. I'd like to think that means they are building them well.
    I could cry for the time I've wasted, but thats a waste of time and tears.

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    John, your comment about having to readjust the guides when moving them, assuming you mean that when you are moving the guide bar, i have not heard before. From my impression of the guide system, I spoke with a laguna rep at a show, he talked me through how they work and stated they only need readjusting when you change the blade size. Is it possible that its a flaw in your particular saw?

    Seems to be a good consensus in favor of the grizzly, but i still have the previous question of whether i will be able to cut 6inch thick curves in walnut accurately.

    Thanks for your guys thoughts

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    I don't own either but have been looking at Grizzly for many months now. I would definitely get the 514X2 instead of the 514X. For $100 more, you get the foot brake AND a cast iron trunnion... Shiraz made a post here a few months ago, and he talked about how this trunnion is MUCH more than just a change to cast, it in fact has more attachment points and adjustment, several other great features on the 514x2 that are not at all apparent from the web site... hold on, looking for the post.

    AHH! Here it is, read this concerning 513X2 vs. 514x2

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    Point taken, I'd likely switch over to that one if I get the grizzly.

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    I have the Laguna LT16 HD with the 3 hp Baldor and am very pleased with the machines performance and Lagunas service. I also live 45 min from Grizzly and visit their showroom often And have purchased many Grizzly tools -Engine lathe -Oscillating sander etc. I've looked over Grizzlys Bandsaws this past week and still would purchase the Laguna if I had to do it over again, IMO the Baldor motor alone is worth the difference in price.

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    Yep, have to agree, we bought the Laguna LT-16, service we've only needed replacement blades, very nice. Does exactly what we need. I'd go with that all over again! Best to you on your decision. Jude

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