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Thread: Interesting carving method-Ukibori

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    Interesting carving method-Ukibori

    Has anyone seen (or used) this method of soaking wood in hot water to bring out a texture (Ukibori)? The results are amazing to me. It's a method used by people that carve very small items, the Japanese tradition of netsuke. I have not seen it before but it came up when I was looking at some bonsai related art.

    Step by step description:
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    I've never seen that before. It makes sense though, they are creating a compressed area in the wood, sanding it smooth, then wetting it to make the compressed area expand again.

    Too clever.
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    like the look of the details
    I also checked more of his carvings on his homepage

    carved porcelain he calls this

    cheers, Houtmannetje

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    Cool stuff.
    Frank Klausz uses a similar technique to make his sharpening trough watertight - sort of self-caulking butt joints. But of course that's only functional - this is neat.

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    that is wood? That is amazing if it is.

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    hout = wood
    mannetje = little man

    we refer to houtmannetje as someone who knows what to do with the stuff!?!?

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