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Thread: Which 10 inch sliding miter saw?

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    Which 10 inch sliding miter saw?

    I have narrowed down my choices for a 10 inch slider to the following:
    1. Hitachi C10FSB
    2. Bosch B3915

    I have a Hitachi 10 inch non slider and have been very happy with it/ Have no experience with any Bosch tools. Looking at the reviews, the Bosch seems to be the better saw. I crossed off the Makita due to reviews about it's flimsy fence.

    Any comments from owners of either saw?

    I will be using the saw mainly for cutting simple miters and as a cutoff saw. I have a dedicated miter saw station with a 4 foot fence on the left and almost an 8 foot cutting capability to the right.

    Any comments on the two above mentioned saws would be appreciated. I like to make a well informed decision when purchasing tools.

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    Can't speak to the 10" Bosch slider, but I've got the 12" and like it very much.
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    I've owned the 10" Makita slider and last year upgraded to the 12" Bosch, love the Bosch. I will probably upgrade one more time to the Festool, only due to the dust collection.

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    10 Inch Slider

    I've had the Hitachi FS for seven years now and really have no complaints. I was confused about which one to get and happened to mention this to a Tool dealer I was considering buying from. He would not give me any suggestions as to which one to buy but he did mention that (at the time) Hitachi had far, far less returns than all the rest. Does that hold today? Couldn't tell you but it helped me make up my mind and I've never had buyers remorse. I can tell you that after seven hard years of use that all the presets are still dead on and the bearings and rods still look fine. One cavet, I never did care for the little fence that came with, but still haven't changed it out. Good luck with your buying decision. I wish I had more up to date info.

    Doug in AZ
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    Hitachi C10FSB

    I own the Hitachi C10FSB. It's a great saw. I've been very pleased with it. If your not in a rush you might want to keep tabs on Amazon. Several creekers have gotten fabulous deals on the C10FSB. (I unfortunately wasn't one of them!! Paid full ticket at Lowes!)

    If you go with the Hitachi I'm sure you will enjoy it!
    Good Luck!


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