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Thread: Makita vs Bosch SCMS

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    Makita vs Bosch SCMS

    I have tried to read everything available about these two SCMS as I am getting ready to upgrade to either the 10 inch Makita or Bosch. I have seen and used the Makita but the Bosch is not readily available. After reading reviews, some complain about the "sloppy" miter detents on the Makita and since I am using saw for segmented forms, accurate angles are important but the prices for comparable saws is about $100 in favor of the Makita. Any first hand user comments about the accuracy of the Makita would be welcome--thanks.

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    The American Wood Worker

    Magazine had a very nice review on all the major (and minor) brands of SCMS and Makita was judged best in most all categories including smoothness and accuracy. I think the only thing they were gigged on was their outboard supports.
    Ron In Clanton, Alabama

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    I've had my LS1013 for about 4 years now and it was dead-on out of the box and hasn't moved since. Since I'm only a hobbiest, I don't know how it would hold up in a production environment, but it has done everything I needed from the smallest molding to cutting 2 x 8 PT. If for any reason, I had to replace it, I would buy another in an instant.

    Just my opinion.............

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    I have had my LS1013 since 1999 and use it 4-5 days a week. I haven't done any maintenance on it ever. I just blow the dust off of it during my every Wednesday morning cleaning and obviously change the blade when needed. I love this saw!!!!

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    I have a Makita that I purchased just for segments also. It is the LF1214FL model. A little overkill for segments, but what the heck. I have had absolutely no problems with it at all. Watch Amazon for a sale. I got the 12" slider shipped to the front door for $450 and am waiting for the $200 Makita drill that was free with purchase to be delivered as we speak. ($599 base price, free shipping, $150 instant discount from Amazon, drill rebate from Makita = less than $450 for the drill and saw together)

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    I had the makita LS1013 for years before upgrading to the hitachi C10FSH. The makita is a very nice, very smooth saw. However, when using the capacity of the slide on wider material(i.e. stair skirts, super tall base or crown, etc) the makita 'cups' the cut a little, especially frustrating for those tall miters. The hitachi is much more accurate in this regard. Both are well-machined and put together tools, both were deadnutz out of the box, its simply that the Hitachi has less deflection in its slider. I only know of one stair guy that is using a bosch and likes it - for me, its weight and bulk didn't warrant the extra features. The Hitachi is clean, smooth, easy to operate, and accurate.

    Just my .02, hope it helps.

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    I'm thinking of purchasing the Makita also. I've seen the Bosch in person, and didn't care for it much. Not that it's not a good saw, I just didn't care for the feel. I have the Bosch 4000 table saw and love it. I'm voting for the Makita slider though. Both seem to be excellent. When I see finish carpenters at job sites, they ususally have a Makita or Hitachi. Framers and rough carpenters usually have a Dewalt.

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    I had a Makita LS1013 and currently have a Makita LS1212. Both saws have been solid, accurate and smooth right out of the box. It seems sometimes tool reviews can be like movie reviews....once you get past the "guts", the rest comes down to perception and preference. And you have to find the critic whose preferences are most in line with yours.

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    I agree, Fred, but after using the makita for 6 years and the Hitachi for the last 4, both of them daily, I feel my perception isn't that 'skewed'. I personally know at least 5 stairbuilders plus me that are using the Hitachi, and one that is using the Bosch. When cutting bevels or compound cuts on wider boards you'll quickly see the difference between the Makita and Hitachi. To re-state, they are both nice saws, but if you are doing a lot of the above cuts, i.e. bevels and compounds on wider boards(base, skirts, large crown on the flat, etc.) the Hitachi is more accurate. I know this stings if you just dropped $500 on the Makita, but if it makes you feel better I have gone through 2 of the Makitas and 3 of the Hitachis.(None were the saw's fault, just owner abuse/accidents or theft)
    Anyways, I agree in principal, but have to stand behind my review.
    This said, I realize I'm also throwing an option into the mix that wasn't part of the initial post, and am no help with the Bosch vs. Makita other than I think you'll find the Makita a cleaner, less bulky saw, but can't comment on their accuracy comparison.
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    My Input

    I looked at both 10" saws and read a big article on Sliding Miter Saws and Bosch was ranked #1 and Makita #2. I loved the looks of the Bosch and some of the features it had but could not physicaly touch it, no store close to me had it. I did however feel the Makita and it worked very very smoothly and I also own several other Makita Products and love the Products they make. I bought the Bosch and it has quality writen all over it very very nice saw- the sliding action is NOT as smooth as the makita but it is a very nice piece of equipment. So I guess what i'm trying to say is Either saw is going to be a top notch piece of equipment in my book.

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    I have the Bosch, used to have the Makita. Bosch is better IMHO. Better adjustments, handle positions, more accurate, more user friendly.

    BTW...a major wood working magazine ranked the Bosch 1 and Makita 2...not that reviews should be your primary decision factor, but it's worth it to take a read...

    I'll sell you my Bosch though when the Festool comes out next year!

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    In-a-gadda-Da--Makita, Baby.

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    I've got the Bosch and am very happy with it. Dead on for straight, miter and bevel cuts.

    I got it on sale from Amazon. If the Makita had been on sale when I was looking, I may have gone that way. I've got mine on an MSUV. If I had to tote it to jobs, I might go for a different saw, but it works great for my needs.

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    I've had the LS1013 for about 5 or 6 years and couldn't be happier. It's one of the most-used tools in my shop. I rarely crosscut at the tablesaw. I know... all the fancy sled owners will gasp at that statement. But it's very convenient to use and it cuts as accurately as I can measure. I've never had to tweak or adjust it in the 5+ years I've had it. The sliding action is very smooth.

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    I bought the LS1214FL (the 12" model) and am very happy with it. Very clean cuts and smooth operation. The blade that comes with the saw is pretty decent too. My only mild complaint is with the dust collection. Only about 10% of the dust ends up in the onboard dust bag. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this saw.

    I too am waiting for the Makita cordless LXT drill from their latest promotion. Has anyone received theirs yet?

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