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Thread: Best Laser engraver?

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    Best Laser engraver?

    My Epilog Mini 24, 16 years old, has a print head reader issue. I have replaced the x-axis encoder strip and the white strip behind it. That did not help original issue of head slamming back and forth. Now the belt is broken, I still have not heard back from Epilog service after initial contact and reply.. X/Y disabled: 0X was the error message, BTW. Now need a Laser fast.
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    It’s not likely that I’ll be buying another engraver at my age but my go to brand is Trotec. This is my second as I went from 45 watts to 80 watts and after several years I’m as happy as I was the day it arrived.

    There is a substantial population of these machines around the country so if a new one is not in your budget you should be able to find a used one.

    If you’re in St. Louis give me a call and I’ll give you a look at mine.
    Mike Null

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