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Thread: WTB: 12" Jointer

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    WTB: 12" Jointer

    Hi all, looking for a 12" jointer preferably with a helical head though that's not a deal breaker because you can buy them. Located in Asheville, NC and willing to drive for it Could possible include an 8" Jet jointer with a Byrd head as part of the deal.

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    There is usually a number of them listed on ebay, although I don't ever remember seeing one with helical head. Actually, I've seen more wider ones than 12" on there.

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    I just listed a Jet JJP-12 Jointer-planer, but it is in Philadelphia

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    Those old jointers are a thing of beauty especially after they've been refurbished. I had a 12" jointer, Fay & Eagan, which I restored and it was great. However this search is for our local woodworking club and anything that requires careful attention when being used is probably not the best idea since the average age is about 75 or higher. That, and the cost of a Byrd head at $1800 puts it out of line for us.
    I do admire the old iron and I've had a lot of it over the years, but just not practical for us.

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    I have a Shop Fox 12" straight knives, no pork chop. Warren Pa a real hike.

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    I have a 12” Northfield but not for sale. Just wanted to mention that there is no difference between using a 75 year old jointer and a 75 day old jointer. There is no “special attention” needed on a vintage machine.
    Minnie Direct Drive machine, meaning the motor and cutterhead share the same shaft, you’re right that a helical cutter could cost more than a belt drive.

    If I were you I would not discount vintage jointers. Finding a belt drive vintage machine with ball bearings will be a great candidate to add a helical head if that’s your preference. Personally I’d keep the straight knives and leave the helical for the planer if you’re on a budget. If you want the ease of cutter changing and you have the money, maybe go helical.

    A 12” Powermatic helical jointer is going to set you back $10k. I got my vintage 12” for about $600. Just saying.
    Feel free to reach out to me if you have any about old machines.

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    I’m with Matt, older machines have style and no stamp metal. Yes I know style doesn’t make you woodworker, but for me it was cheaper. Older machines may need some TLC and 3 phase machines may also be cheaper, but people are figuring out that VFD can be installed for about couple hundred I guess. I have older 12” Crescent jointer that is direct drive, but wish it wasn’t but that’s ok

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    I definitely would not rule out a vintage machine. Even 3 phase is easily handled with a VFD. My criteria on a vintage machine would be condition, ball bearings and a belt drive. From everything I've read on OWWM it's just about impossible to convert a direct drive to a Byrd head. I had a Delta wedgebed which I restored and it was fabulous. It had a 5hp direct drive but it went through a lovejoy connector. I don't think I've ever seen one on a jointer. With the old-timers in the club it also has to have proper guarding.

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