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Thread: laser tube status

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    laser tube status

    What are the signs of a laser tub starting to go?
    find y power setting have changed , using more power for cutting
    Is it difficult to install a new tube ie alignment
    Any electrical hazards ie things being charged or once its off and
    disconnected its safe to remove the leads

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    What type of tube? DC or RF?
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    I have replaced mine 3 times. The first in 2005 was engraving but not as deep as normal, and cutting it did randomly incomplete lines. The second in 2006 just stopped firing. The 3rd about a year ago, lost power gradually over a few years, and eventually got to where it wouldn’t cut through 1/8” acrylic in one pass. The rest depends on the make and model. My Epilog tube was easy to remove and replace, alignment, with their provided tool took about an hour the last time, the first two went more quickly but this time I was out of practice.
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    Power gradually disappears then more rapidly.

    I've changed two. One on a ULS, a 25 watt tube that took about 15 minutes. Alignment was no issue. A couple of years ago I had the tube on my first Trotec re-manufactured. I replaced it in less than a half hour--slowing down in my old age. Perfecty aligned on install.
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    I have no clue how to tell -the only tube I ever changed didn't need changing...
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