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Thread: My newest resin piece.

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    My newest resin piece.

    This by far is my largest cast piece to date. I just finished it Saturday. It started out as a 15lb. Mazanita burl and then I added 168oz. of tinted resin.

    Overall I am pretty happy with the result. I like the proportions and this is probably my favorite color combination in resin. Generally I pick resin colors based on the colors of the wood and this has some similar coloration's to my native mesquite. this is my favorite combo with the mesquite so I figured I would try it with the Manzanita.

    It is about 12 1/2" tall and over 8" in diameter so it is a pretty good size piece. It is a bit over 1/8" thick but I tapered the bottom 3 1/2" to a bit over 3/16" for weight at the bottom as a request by a gallery that I show at.

    As always open to cheers or jeers.

    Thanks for looking

    Alan Mazanita Vase smaller image.jpgMazanita Vase 2 smaller image.jpg

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    Cheers here Alan. I like Mesquite anyway, and the pearly blue is a real kicker. Job well done.

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    No jeers, only cheers here. It really looks like an oblong earth from space - the blue is oceanic. If it's not a trade secret, I'm really curious about the general procedure - do you partially turn the burl first, before pouring the resin, or do it before it even hits the lathe? Whatever you do, it certainly is striking! The blue is just the perfect color for this.

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    Marvelous Alan! Bravo! What an exquisite piece...............I don't know if I will ever get into doing resin castings.........kinda doubt it, but boy, that is just fantastic..........great form, and your color choices just make this special........thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.
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    Alan, I do hope one or more of these pieces will be at AAW - I really would like to see one up close. They are awesome turnings!! I am with Dan on the overall effect - one immediately feels they are looking down on earth - just a phenomenal result. I love the look of some of the acrylic pen blanks, and this is similar, but on a much larger scale.

    Great work!

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    Beautiful piece. That deserves to be in a museum.

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    I am also curious about your process although I have a good idea of how it is done. One question is how long do you let the resin cure before you start turning and what do you use for a mold for something that large?

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    Alan - love the form! Beautiful combination of colors and wood! I can see your resin pieces being big hits at galleries and I wish you luck with your sales!

    Just curious if you have had any problems with wood movement? I would think the wood might separate from the resin due to humidity, temp, etc.

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    Thanks for all the kind comments.

    Yes, the burl is partially turned for no other reason than to conserve resin. of course sharp tools are a must because of the interrupted cuts. The resin I use is a polyurethane resin and is expensive so I save where I can. I make forms out of what ever I can find for the project. This one was made with a paint bucket and sonotube. I was in Walmart last night at 10:00PM looking for a suitable form or another piece I am working on right now. There was a bit of extra pucker factor with this one because of size and cost. I can generally start turning a form in about 3 or 4 hours of casting. I just don't like to start turning them when they are still hot.



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    Of course I only use dry wood for this but no I have not ever had any separation issues. The resin usually becomes so impregnated in the wood fibers that it is pretty much a homogenous structure. Of course I do not keep them in a truck all day when it is a 100 degrees outside which I am sure would not be good for the piece.


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    This is one of the most original concepts I've seen in woodturning. I wouldn't have thought a plastic resin mixed with a natural burl would be appealing but this is drop dead gorgeous. Keep showing them to us. I feel privileged just to enjoy them in photographs.

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    Fantastic, Alan! The resin choice is perfect, and the whole piece reminds me very much of the Earth as viewed from space. This is just a stunning piece of work. Thanks.

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    Yep...I think stunning is a good expression for this. I too think this looks like another world and it's oceans. The blue is a great contrast to the brown in the manzanita.
    Personal preferences here, but if not using a finial, I'm wondering if the opening would have benefited from a little 'softening'? Just a thought, really nice how it is. Keep em coming...really love this work you do with the resins.
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    Another stellar turning, Alan. I love the color combo and like Dan said, it looks like an ocean and land mass. You should think about a completely round version of this and build a "globe stand" that would look so cool.

    Are you going to bring any of these to the AAW for the instant gallery??
    No, it's not thin enough yet.

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    I want to live on that land mass on the left side of the right-hand pic...what a great imagination stretcher! Amazing as always Alan!!
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