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Thread: Donating used power tools

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    Donating used power tools

    Thanks to this group, I have decided upon, order and received delivery of my new PM 8" jointer. This jointer was a replacement of an old Delta 37-175 6" jointer that I thought had broken down. When I took apart the old Delta jointer, I actually got it working again. I now have no need for this tool and instead of selling it on Craig's list for $100 or so, I was thinking of just giving it away to an aspiring woodworker or an organization that could use it.

    Does anyone know the best way to go about this? Which organizations would benefit from this? The tool is not in great shape and is in desperate need of a tune up, but it does work and may be of use to someone or some group.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Habitat for Humanity stores take used power tools............Regards, Rod.

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    Where are you located? Maybe a creeker would be willing to take it for "free" and make an appropriate donation to a charity on your behalf?

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    Find your local high school / jr high school woodshop teacher. That's what I did with my delta 6" jointer and delta bench-top mortiser.

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    This sounds like a liability nightmare.

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    +1 on the Habitat for Humanity Re-store. I had a garage sale last summer and did better on my tax return by donating the leftovers than I did on the entire sale.

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    I donated tools to the ReStore and then found out through the grapevine that one of the people there took them home. I now find someone on my own that can not afford one and give them what I have.

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    Because YOU worked on it, it's truly a liability issue (both for you and the school) as far as donating it to a school. You would need to have a QUALIFIED TECH. go over machine before donation. This is probably more cost than the machine is worth. Check and see if there are some woodworking clubs in your area, or just CL it "as is." Donate the proceeds to a school program. Everybody wins, school gets needed funds, someone gets a "gloat" from CL, and it's out of your way.

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    I gave my table saw to Habitat for Humanity when I bought a new one. They came out to my home to pick it up and were thrilled to have it.
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    Many church mission organizations are involved in long-term recovery efforts after a disaster. They might be thrilled to receive older tools in working order.

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