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Thread: Hitachi SCMS Problems Anyone?

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    Hitachi SCMS Problems Anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone else out there had had unreasonable problems with their Hitachi SCMS? I saved my penies for quite a while to buy this saw (the new version w/ laser guide), and have had a couple minor issues, and now one large one that has required a stay at the local Hitachi service center. I purchased the saw only 6 months ago, and it has seen maybe three weeks of actual service.

    The major problem I'm having is galling (sp?) of the aluminum where the head unit slides across the turn table when laying the blade over from side to side for bevel cuts (not when rotating the turn table). It started a couple days ago, and even with grease has become pretty severe. Re-applying grease every few hours during heavy use is the only thing that seems to stop it. I understand that aluminum is a soft and dry metal, and is prone to galling, but this seems ridiculous (especially considering the sales price of the saw).

    I called Hitachi, but they said I had to go through a local service center. The guy at the service center agreed the galling was unacceptable, but wasn't very sure that Hitachi would agree to replace the unit. I requested that he push Hitachi to do so, because to replace the turn table and head castings requires dissasembly of somewhere around 70% of the saw. I wouldn't complain about that if the saw were a few years old, but this saw is basically brand new, and I don't feel that for $500 I should end up with a saw that's been hacked into by someone who is marginally qualified to be doing the repair in the first place.

    The other problems I've had are: readjustment of the guide rod bushings has been necessary twice already due to looseness, and the laser is now slightly crooked in relation to the blade.

    I'm curious to hear if anyone else has had similar problems, and if so, how they were resolved by Hitachi.


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    Mike --
    I have an older 10" Hitachi SCMS -- pre-laser. It mostly goes to job sites to do finish carpentry, and also sees use in my shop as a cut-off saw. The thing has worked just fine for five years or so.


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