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Thread: portable belt sander in bench vice

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    portable belt sander in bench vice

    I finally got around to doing what I've been thinking about for
    a long time as I dont have a spindle or benchtop sander.
    I clamped on the handle with it upside down and it
    works terrific. Dont know why I waited so long.

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    and i thought I was original in that thinking

    Save up your pennies and get one of the Ridgid combo spindle/edge sanders when you can... very inexpensive considering what you get, and worth every bit.

    I did your trick for a while and it does work, but it is great having the real deal.
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    The only belt sanders I have had are the flat-top ones that can be flipped and used upside down (Ryobi and now Bosch). I use a scrap of 3/4" plywood and tack a couple runners to slip it in to make it more stable. Even with a spindle sander available, to do a small job it's easier to flip the belt sander than to go to the other sander.
    And now for something completely different....

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    portable belt sander in bench vice

    I've used that technique too!

    Sometimes you gotta make do with what you have

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    74 it also. Is a good way to make do for the time being. I guess making "do" is better than "doing" without

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