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Thread: Plane cabinet

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    Plane cabinet

    I finally more or less finished the plane cabinet I started a couple of weeks ago at the start of Christmas break. I had originally planned to make it from solid lumber, but the weather didn't cooperate and I wasn't able to get out, so I used some teak plywood and solid stock material from a couple of previous projects. The hardest part was getting the planes the way I wanted them, all vertical. It took about four days of messing around and false starts, but once it started working it all fell in place. Each other section took a day or so. The biggest problem was getting everything I wanted into a particular section and still getting the doors to close. Since I wanted to have all my user bench planes in one place it ended up being bigger than I initially planned, but at least most of the stuff is all in one place adjacent to the work bench.

    Thanks for looking.

    Dave C
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    nice, I plan to make one, one of these days. I really like the folding pannel you made to hang the rules and files just over the bigger planes.
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    Great job on the plane cabinet Dave

    You may of changed my mind on how I'm going to finish
    a couple of my upper cabinets in my current project.

    Thanks for the post

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    Hey Dave
    Ive been thinking on building a Plane cabinet myself,but Im not sure how I want to lay it out yet with the tools that I have,and the tools that I have yet to get..
    Good Job!!!! Looks Great !! Seth...
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    I have but one simple project between now and building one for myself. I have saved all of your pictures as it gave me some great ideas - in fact, for the most part, mine will be nearly a copy. Great job and thanks for posting it.

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    Studley would have been proud!
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    Very nice!

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    Nice job! Mine didn't turn out that compactly designed - and I have already rearranged. Fortunately, there is enough flexibility in the way you have done everything that changes are still possible - just in that rare instance when one may purchase another toy.

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    That's a nice looking cabinet Dave. Very good use of space. As for using plywood, who'll ever know or notice?
    Dave Anderson

    Chester, NH

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    Oh my, another project yet to do. Thanks for the excellent photos and ideas.

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    That's really beautiful! Wow...nice!

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    Nicely done I say with envy....Great job.

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    Thanks for all the responses. I had a thought- if I made it an inch or two deeper, I could have made full length interior doors instead of the partial section where I hung the squares and rasps. Since I have a fair amount of room on the wall where the cabinet is hung, I may just do that- next Christmas break!

    I am going to put a couple of my other projects over in the Projects section- a set of display cases for my wife's cut glass collection (where most of the extra teak for the tool chest came from), a Murphy bed for our guest room and maybe some other stuff.

    Thanks again


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    I have looked at many pictures of cabinets for plane storage, yours trips my trigger more than any others.

    Great job.


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    Great job!

    What do you use the large mallet for?

    My mallets have much smaller mass than that one appears to have.

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