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Thread: Pitch and resin remover?

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    Pitch and resin remover?

    So this might be a stupid idea, but I'm sick of cleaning all the char and resin from my cutting table after cutting wood. It occurred to me that the goop that builds up on my bed table is probably just the same stuff that builds up on my saw blades from cutting and heat.

    Any body tried using pitch and resin remover? Seems like it might be risky as I can't find much info on the chemicals. Just a thought.
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    We used to use one that was sold by one of the pattern makers supply houses. They don't carry it now. Seems like it was a mixture of several common solvents with xylene as main. Used it for a lot of things including cleaning wide belt sanders. Didn't seem to hurt anything but certainly wasn't something you wanted to breath. Guess the company went "insolvent"

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    We like to use simple green, works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Winter View Post
    We like to use simple green, works well.
    Good call. Cheaper for sure. I'll try it out.

    Thanks Keith.
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    On my cutting table honeycomb I use a/c coil cleaner that is bought by the gallon and mixed with water. I remove the honeycomb and lay it on the ground and use a hand spray bottle and spray it liberally and let it set 10 minutes or so, then wash off with the water hose and repeat. Usually twice on each side cleans it to like new. A gallon will last for several cleanings (my table is 24"x48" and uses more than most because it is much larger) The coil cleaner doesn't harm the aluminum but has to be washed off to remove the stubborn smoke residue that gets on it. It doesn't just "melt" off and leave it clean without rising good, but the cleaner does an excellent job. I gave $20 for the gallon of concentrate I think.
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    I use KrudKutter from HD.
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    Krudkutter works much better than Simple Green for me.
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    I also use Krudkutter but I follow that with Windex to remove any remaining haze.
    While reading this thread though, I just had the idea to cover the bed with transfer tape the next time I clean it.
    Then after running a job that produces a lot of soot/resins and gunk, I should be able to just remove my grid and peel off the tape. Anyone currently doing this?
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