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Thread: Turn a Hammer Handle??

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    Question Turn a Hammer Handle??

    I would like to make some smaller handles for some 8 oz hammers to give to my boys, but not sure as to how to make them. I would like them to be oval shaped like an OEM handle.

    Any suggestions/tutorials??


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    You could turn a handle with a shape, then carefully trim the sides, a little sanding or use of a rasp would smooth the transition. The tenon for fastening into the head likely does not need turning. 8 oz seems a bit heavy for a kid, unless it is a bigger kid.

    Some of my first chisel handles shapes could easily be adapted to hammer handles if they were trimmed.

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    Turn the blank round, then move the tailstock (assuming that's the end of the handle to grip) and it about 1/4" off center. Take light cuts the last 6 inches or so and you'll get your oval. Stop and check progress so you don't turn this section round.
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    In few words: turning with multiple centers. A least two, maybe three.
    First a visualization exercise.
    Get pencil, paper, compass and straight edge.
    Draw a straight line ~1" long. Put a dot on the line near center. Make two more marks about 1/4" either side of first mark. You now have three dots in a row with distance of 1/2" from the most distant dots.
    Set the compass to ~3/4" and strike circles around the outer dots. The overlap between the circles would be something approaching 'oval' if this were turned as a spindle.
    To remove the sharp corner, you can:
    1) use the first center mark to clip it
    2) use a spoke shave
    3) use a rasp or the abrasive gouge
    4) use a combination of the above.
    The top end will be simpler if it is turned with a single center and turned fat. Unless the hammer head has a round broach, anticipate whittling-to-fit with a pocket knife.
    Make extra blanks---the process takes some practice to produce a 'keeper.'

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    more toys this should do ,merry christmas keith johnt

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