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Thread: Might need to think about allowing links

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    Might need to think about allowing links

    I say that Saw Mill Creek might need to think (or re-think) about the policy of not allowing links in posts that link directly to another Woodworking Forum.

    I just saw a post at Woodnet "advertising" the Freedom Pens Project. Let me say this, I am all for this. I have nothing against the project, and I am even thinking about showing up at the Rockler in Atlanta for their deal.

    But I disagree with the policy about not allowing links to other Woodworking Forums. This might prevent someone from helping another woodworker, might hinder someone from soving a problem.

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    I am not entirely sure if I remember correctly, but...

    I think one reason we decided against links was so that in the future, when an archive was made and issued on a CD, it would not contain posts with "broken links".

    If I am wrong, I apologize in advance.
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    Dan Bussiere Guest
    Although I respect everyone else's opinion, I think it is better to remain the way we are. I have frequented other forums from time to time and I must say this is a much neeter, cleaner forum because, in part, we stick to the terms of service as they are. Don't fix what ain't broke is my opinion. But again it is certainly not up to me. Just my 2 cents.


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    I agree.

    Just today there was a post that had pics of Bill P.'s cyclone getting built. As I am thinking about buying the kit looking at the pics would have been useful.

    Oh well.......

    However I did get to look at a picture of a digi cam in the woodworking tool section.

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    I would have to agree.....leave it like it is. I am a co-owner of another site featuring wood working. We do allow the posting links to other sites. Hind site being 20 - 20, we wish we had not allowed it for some of the reasons stated earlier.

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    I was a tad miffed about that link being removed as well. I'm glad the thread starter included his email address so I could get the link. I emailed him and thus far he hasn't responded but hopefully he will today.

    I adhere to the TOS and believe in them but they didn't work out this time IMO...maybe only the few times they didn't I think.
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