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Thread: Gifts For the Family

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    Gifts For the Family

    Here are some gifts I made for the family:

    Wife -- Ice Cream Scoop with a Cocobolo handle. My wife has used an old beat up metal scoop for years. She really enjoys the beauty of natural wood, so I think she will like this. I wanted to have a different shape on the handle with it being larger toward the brass part, but I ordered too small of a blank.

    Son -- Back Scratcher -- My son is in college here in Arkansas, but is a big Florida Gator fan. I turned this back scratcher and used a blue dye, but was not pleased, so I ended up painting it blue and orange. My son does not have the affection for natural woods like I do (yet), so I figure he will like the bright colors, and the stickers as well. I don't figure it will be used much as a scratcher, but I anticipate him hanging it in his student apartment more as a novelty gift.

    Daughter -- My daughter has a thing for penguins, so I did this intarsia project for her on the scroll saw. Its not turned, but I just put it in the picture with the others.

    Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for all the help this past year!

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    Very nice Christmas gifts Jeff! I am sure the family will love them!

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    Great looking gifts. They are going to love them.

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    nice job on all of them - I like the pengiun too

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    Good job and Im sure everyone will love them!! Heck I could use that back scratcher myself if it didnt have the Gators on it. My wife if from Tallahassee (Seminoles fan) and well it just wouldnt work!! Merry Christmas!!
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    Great projects...oh and intarsia too We don't see much of that here on the creek.

    Happy Holidays

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