THis is my wife story for our adventure to ShopBot Training. If you would like to read more about our antics you can here (her site no commercial interest) The Darwin Diaries


A few weeks ago, Angus insisted I accompany him to Durham, North Carolina and attend a two day training seminar for a newly purchased piece of equipment for his company. The piece of equipment in question is something called a Shop-Bot, which is some sort of enormous CNC tool. Eager to learn something new and useful, I excitedly made the trip.
The training seminar was held in the shipping department and what appeared to be the employee break area. Being that we were fashionably late the first morning, we took our seats in the back of the class. Now, by nature, I fidget… a lot. I get bored easily and my eyes and brain have a tendency to wander. The one thing my eyes and brain kept wandering to was this strange contraption hanging from the ceiling behind me. It was a massive, cone shaped canvas bag that funneled down to a narrow metal opening with a lever attached to it. Halfway down the bag was a line in black sharpie that wrote out the word ‘Reorder’. After catching me staring at it for the hundredth time, Angus leaned over and whispered in my ear that it held peanuts.
“How COOL is that!” I thought to myself. A huge bag of peanuts hung from the ceiling that the employees could munch on! Talk about a new way to improve company morale! It even had something to tell them when they ate too many and needed to reorder them!! Of course, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to reach behind me and squeeze that lever so I could enjoy the peanuts too. Unfortunately, they were not MY peanuts to take and by the time lunch had rolled around, the craving for them was almost unbearable. It was ALL I could think about. I kept hoping I could get a chance to pull that lever without anyone noticing.
When class ended for the day (at dinnertime no less!) my stomach was growling and the craving for the peanuts that had been hanging behind me had reached maddening proportions. Luckily, I saw my chance had finally arrived to sneak a handful. While the men in the class were all huddled around the instructor, I slyly made my way over to the bag. Angus must have caught me out of the corner of his eye and quickly came up behind me to ask what I was up to. Of course I told him that I was hungry and wanted to sneak a handful of peanuts. Unfortunately, it was during this critical point that everyone in the room seemed to stop talking at once and my answer rang out loud and clear.
In between bouts of hysterical laughter from Angus, he managed to blurt out that the bag contained PACKING peanuts and that they were, in fact, NOT edible.