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Thread: Fixing high pressure (washer) hose

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    Fixing high pressure (washer) hose

    An office mate of mine burned a hole in the hose of his pressure washer this weekend when he accidently pulled it across the hot engine. Apparently, there's a hole and an additional section of the hose that he says was melted so it's a bit thin. Any way to repair the hose, or does it just make sense to replace it? I assume Sears (it's a Craftsman) would have the replacement part. Any idea whether the fittings are removable so that he could just buy a replacement hose and attach the stock fittings? Thanks,

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    Tony, I wouldn't mess with a high pressure hose repair, replace it. Northern Tool has a good selection of hoses including brand names like Goodyear.

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    I'd replace it also. If that was in one of my plants, that is the only choice they would have. FYI, I am a Safety & Environmental Manager for a Utility.

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    I don't know about your area, but we have a great little shop around here that has hose for about any purpose, along with a plethora of different fittings. I've had them make several pressure washer and paint hoses for me over the years. If you found a similar shop, they would likely be able to repair the hose, or at the very least, cut it, then slap a male quick disconnect on one piece, then a corresponding female quick disconnect on the other piece. This is not a repair you can do yourself. The machines and dies they use to crimp the fittings on the hoses are large and hydraulically powerful. I don't recall the price of the hose, but I remember it was less than a replacement hose, and a tougher one to boot, and more flexible.
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    Pressure washer hose repair

    Jason Roehl said it and I will add - yup!
    We have a hose supplier around the corner from my location that makes-up hydraulic and other high pressure as well as low pressure hoses while you wait.
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