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Thread: Leigh Dovetail Jig (Model #D 1258R-24)

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    Leigh Dovetail Jig (Model #D 1258R-24)

    I've been offered the chance to buy the Leigh D 1258R-24 jig, but I can't seem to find much about it on the web. Anybody out there own one or are familiar with it??? It's not local so I can't just stop over and look at it, so if you can share some advice with me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Sounds like an older version, probably the one with the knobs rather than the levers for the hold-downs...which I believe can be upgraded to a D4. You might want to contact Leigh to get the scoop on what it is and if it can be made current. (And at what cost...)

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    Hi Jim,

    The main difference between it and the D4 is the hold downs and the scale. I like the older scale better. It is a cast piece, no paralax. Make sure you are getting everything, ie bits and manual, the D4 manual works and is one of the best written manuals you will find. If you are not doing a lot of DTs the screw type is fine. One upgrade you will want is the side spacers that hold the wood square with the jig. The People at Leigh are great to work with. Make sure to subtract the cost of any missing stuff from the offering price.

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    Leigh Dovetail Jig (Model #D 1258R-24)


    I have a D4 Leigh Jig which I hope to start using this weekend and hence, was interested in your post. I checked my literature and the internet and both Jim and Charles above were right on.

    Leigh has 3 older models the D1258R-24 being one of them. They can be upgraded to the latest model by:

    - Leigh Cam-Action Speed-Clamps .... $35.00
    - D4 Side Stops and Scales ............. $23.00 & $40.00


    - Leigh User Guide ......................... $12.00
    - D4 Dovetail Jig Instructional Video .. $20.00

    Some regular mail order catalogs such as Highland Hardware, Lee Valley Tools and Woodcraft Supply carry the Leigh line but this being something special, I would think that going to the manufacture would be the way to go. They are at 1-800-663-8932.

    A real good article on the Leigh Jig, particularly the D1258R-24 can be found at:

    Regards, Joe

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