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Thread: SCMI Formula S1 slider

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    SCMI Formula S1 slider

    Question for all you Euro slider saw experts.I have a line on a 1997 Formula Minimax S1 10' slider for $4,000.From the pictures,it looks to be in great shape.I was wondering if the price was on par for the year of the saw.I have not personally seen the saw,nor is it hooked up to power which kind of scares me.Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Scott, SCMI is known for building great equipment. I dont have any first hand experience with that saw. From owning a slider, I will tell you to check the slider travel for smoothness and make sure it has zero play in it. Some of these systems can be very expensive to overhaul.Second, I would not even consider any saw without seeing it under power.

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    Ditto what Jay said, but at that price, I'd follow up for sure. 10 foot slider takes up a lot of room too.

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    I suspect it's a good deal if it's working smoothly as Steve and Jay speak about.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    I have spent some time looking but dont own.

    I have repeatedly been warned about the slider being worn and sloppy. Just to reinforce what has already been said here ..

    From what I understand, when the slider is worn and needs to be fixed, you are talking thousands of dollars.

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    Thanks for all the replies everyone.If I do decide to look at it,if the owner can't or won't power it up,I don't think I want it.

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    i own one

    i bought my (same year and model) used earlier this year. it seems to work as advertised. $4k seems like a "can't go wrong" price. let me know if i can help.

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    I have an older Mini Max slider, not sure of the model anymore, and it has been a great saw. The rollers on the carriage are all adjustable on mine, standard bearings on cams so that should not be a problem. Adjusting one takes some thought, but it is no real problem. One thing that did concern me when I bought it was the motor as it is not a standard off the shelf frame, but it has been beaten for 13 years now and still runs awesome. I did buy an extra scoring blade belt at the time, but I have not needed it.

    I also have a SCMI planer and shaper, I love their stuff. It just doesn't have any of those "Why did they do it this way?" things. a company that has woodworkers Test their machinery? What a novel idea! I am going to buy on of their wide belts one of these days if work picks up.

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