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Thread: Cheap router lift

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    Cheap router lift

    Does anyone know how to make a cheap router lift or does anyone know where I could get an inexpensive lift under $100? I've seen a link on the web by a guy that made one with parts from Lowes, but he drilled through the base of his router. I am not equipped to do that nor do I want to risk ruining my router attempting to make the lift. Thanks.

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    This is a great book. A must have IMO:

    Look at the table of contents. He calls it a router crank.
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    You could try something like this...

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    The Router Raizer is less than $100 at Rockler, MLCS and EagleAmerica


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    That Router Razier looks like a great deal! I may have to put that on my spring purchase list!

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    Matt - I had a router raizer. No where near as convenient as a high quality lift. If you want to save some money many make routers that come with above table adjustment. Be aware, some of these alternatives require you to lock the router in place after adjustment - sort of defeating the lift/above table feature.


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    I have a Router Razier lift and a Bench Dog lift. While the BD is more substantial and easier to use, both accomplish the same thing, which is to raise the router…
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    If you are in the market for a new router, the PC 890 fixed base router can be adjusted from above the table with a wrench. You can also open and close the lock from above the table as well, which is convenient.

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