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Thread: Lakeside Plane ?

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    Lakeside Plane ?

    Saw what looks to be a new Lakeside plane in a Pawn shop, last week for $40. Is it worth that much. It would be my first (decent) plane.

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    More information is necessary to give you a good answer.

    It's probably a bit over priced at $40 but it depends on what plane it is. Lakeside was a "brand" offered by Montgomery Wards and those I've seen were made by Stanley for Wards. I'm not sure exactly which planes Wards carried but they would have been the most common. My guess is that you're seeing a block plane, smooth plane or jack plane. Any of those with the Stanley logo in good shape would be available from a reputable old tool dealer for less. The Stanley logo would give the plane a higher resale value.

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