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Thread: Best Cherry lumber in Tennessee?

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    Best Cherry lumber in Tennessee?

    Hello everyone,

    I am relatively new to Tennessee and am looking for the best cherry in the state (central region, or around nashville/knoxville)

    I have a couple of pieces I am going to be building, including a dinning room table, which I will be using cherry for.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Not in Middle Tennessee, but over in the West in Troy, Obion County. Hanafee Brothers lumber has cherry, and the last I saw there was gorgeous. Give them a try, if you're up for a weekday road trip (they aren't open Saturdays).
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    S.E. Tennessee ... just a bit North of Chattanooga
    Jeffries Woodworking .. Knoxville has about the best selection in the area.

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    My Friend Justin has some awesome deal on wood if you might want to try exotic

    He is in Middleton TN.

    He has a mountian of African Mahogany last time I looks..

    Some of the wood is not FAS so you have to read what the quality is...

    He runs so specials on a email list if you want to join of give him a call 731-212-1649

    Makore is known as african Cherry
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    Cookville eh? I've got a cabin for sale in Jamestown......

    Supposedly the place on Hwy 154 inbetween Jamestown and the park has good quality lumber. Wouldn't know it from looking at the place. As far as curb appeal goes the place looks like a dump.

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    In the Nashville area it is Middle Tennessee Lumber it is west of Nashville Just off of I40 in Dickson. I havn't found a better supplier in the area for hardwood lumber.

    Ps: no I don't work there but I wish I knew someone who did.

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    Thanks for the leads so far everyone. I will start checking into them this weekend and next week.

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    I'm sure Tennessee has some good stuff, but my best Cherry has been from Groff in Quarryville, PA. AND... they are seem old world honest.

    On one order they failed to ship a 16" wide piece. Since this piece was mas importante (the writing surface of a plantation secretary) I called. They took my word for it, and sent it out immediately and no charge.

    A side note: Can you imagine how big a cherry tree has to be to yield a piece 16" wide with no sign of pith.

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    I gueth it would be too big to pith on.

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    still laughing that is good

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    Tennessee Cherry

    Got me.......

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