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Thread: What have you done?

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    What have you done?

    We're all kind of defined by that which we do. I'm guessing that each of us is a "one of" because we do things. You probably noticed, I use "Maker of things" to sign off, That's because I do that. So I figure that a list of sorts of the things we do would be enlightening. Besides it could be danged amusing. So if you'd be inclined, chime in and give us a list. My idea so I'll give a go at my list as a poor example. No order required, just let it flow.

    Pay my bills as a sole practitioner attorney.
    Used to be an aerosystems engineer, BS Aeorspace.
    Have turned more horseshoes than most folks have seen, Father was a ferrier.
    Used to twitch tree length pulp with a team of Belgians, Dad and Grandpa were choppers, its done with skidders now.
    Had an exhibit of my stone sculptures at an art museum for a summer, not doing it now, but did a lot of them.
    Won the grand prize for local artists with a high relief wood scultpure at another art institute, didn't want to enter as I'm not an artist, but a friend talked me into it.
    Did the electrical wiring in 8 houses in three states, three new and the rest remodels, Don't have no license.
    Ditto the plumbing, two were for friends.
    Have done several commission stained glass panels> will never do another commission, and a lot of custom panels.
    Designed and constructed a number of Tiffany style lamps>original designs only.
    Was a systems analysis for a while and debugged programs for airborne avionics computers, back when it was all hex dumps.
    Worked at various times as stoop labor field hand, dairy hand (milker), general farm labor, machinist in aircraft industry, machinist in AC plant, roofer (hated that), interior finish painter, assembly line worker, chopper, some substitute teaching, and a few other things.
    Oh, darned near forgot> I design and make furniture and wooden decro.

    So what do you do?

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    Right now I teach "technical stuff" at a community college. Cisco, Microsoft, Networking, PLCs, robotics and the like.

    Before that I spent almost 25 years going where the Air Force told me to go.

    My last assignment was at Randolph AFB with the HQ Air Education and Training Command IG team inspecting communications and electronics maintenance. It was like being a traveling salesman--we went from Florida to California and Oregon to South Texas and no one was happy to see us arrive!

    Spent four before that as a meterological and navigational equipment systems manager at Randolph in San Antonio, we worked logistics and manpower issues. Bean counter and flesh peddler.

    Before that I was stationed waaaay up north at Galena Airport, Alaska with the F-15s that chased Russian Bear bombers off the north coast of Alaska. Man, -83 is COLD!

    Four years before Alaska, I was assigned to Offutt AFB, Nebraska in support of the airborne command post, Looking Glass and the National Emergency Airborne Command Post--the president's emergency plane.

    I spent 1980 to 1884 teaching electronics and computer equipment to basic trainees at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi.

    1977 to 1980 I worked at the National Security Agency at Ft, Meade, Maryland. If I told you what I did, I'd have to kill you!

    1975-1977 I spent on the sunny isle of Crete as a communications specialist.

    Along the way I managed to pick up a BS, MA and start a Phd. Hopefully, I'll finish and not be an ABD.

    I've built four brand new houses, remodeled one old one and built lots of "stuff" for each one. I don't want to move again...

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    Can't nearly equal Mr. Dunton's list but her goes,

    I paint oil on canvas and have sold some,
    I've wired, sheetrocked, and fitted out two shops (had to finish the framing of the one I'm in now)
    I design websites,
    I have taught graduate school on the web, on the classroom and out in the field
    I have won an award for innovation in online education
    I'd like to think I've helped a few kids stay in school and get their high school deplomas and bachelor's degrees,
    I make things from wood (mostly smaller pieces from larger pieces)
    I've been a framer, roofer, and plumber's assistant, travel agent, church pastor (two churches, two states), landscape designer and production manager, teacher, school administrator, college professor, professional student, and have worked on two Ph.D's, and finished one.
    My greatest accomplishement is one upon which I work every day. I have two wonderful young men God has put under my charge who amaze me at how well they do in life despite my attempts at parenting.

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    Darn GE!

    If you’re going to lead off with a list like that, others (me included) may be hesitant to post. But...

    I fix things. Worked C-141 cargo planes as both a ground crewman and as a flight mechanic.

    Installed cable, alarm systems, and some of the first whole house audio systems.

    Ran high-end service stations before the "service" part disappeared. We maintained cars including the newest computer controlled and imports. I was certified as a mechanic and did some work, but mostly hired and supervised others.

    Fixed my own cars and kept them on the road till they were obsolete. I consider them broke in at about 200,000 miles.

    Remodeled one house and I'm working on another. I do work in almost all trades and pay someone only when it's to big for me to handle or I think the learning curve is to high (like brick work) Built most of my shop, including the electrical.

    I've built a little furniture and I hope to build a bunch more.

    Made a decision not to have kids and wound up raising someone else's and I'm now helping raise her grand kids

    Maintained C-130 cargo planes as a ground crewman, flight mechanic and now as the supervisor of an inspection department.
    (I just sent a bunch of fine folks off to visit a big sunny beach today)

    I ain’t much good at any of it, and a lot of people don’t like how I do things, but I’ll stick with something long after most people will quit, and I generally wind up with acceptable results.

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    I take care of my 3 year old grand-daughter.

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    What I do

    Try to be the best husband and father of two I can be
    Just finishing a total remodel of our 35 year old home
    Work at a local farm Co-op doing purchasing and administrative work in the livestock feed business
    Play golf
    Watch baseball, basketball, Nascar, golf and whatever other sports are in season
    Assist a friend in flying his hot air balloon in various competitions.
    Would love to go to watch the balloons in Albequerque, NM some day. I understand there are close to 1000.
    Help coach youth baseball
    Broadway Christian Church
    Lawn work and landscaping
    Woodworking - mostly cabinet-type stuff so far

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    Paul Kunkel Guest

    From tools to life's accomplishments?

    To start at the beginning-well, school daze. Life guard, ski instructor, ski patrol(ultimately director for many years), bar tender/owner, waterwell driller, punp and water systems/purification business, water & wastewater plant operator, building maintenance manager, cabinetmaker(past11 yrs)
    Most lucretive=water/wastewater
    most enjoyable=tossup between ski biz & cabinetmaking

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    Interesting how 25 years fits into so few lines.

    Painted seven schools inside and out, 3 summers in OK.
    Been asked to leave U of H twice.
    Accumulated 2000+ skydives in 10 years.
    Finished in 5th place US skydiving nationals competition, 1986 4 way sequential.
    Finished in 3rd place 1989, 20 way sequential.
    Delivered packages for UPS for 10 years, mostly while thinking about the next skydiving opportunity.
    Completed engineering degree Texas A&M 1996, WHOOP!!
    Designed and built home with shop.
    Completed 12 or so wood working projects.
    Currently work as process control engineer at a chemical plant.
    Corny as it sounds none of it compares to the 8/28/02 the birth of my son and the last 6 months watching him grow.

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    What I do.....

    Love my wife of 32 yrs.
    Help our three grown children.
    SPOIL our four grandchildren!!

    Work for the State DOT as a Traffic Engineer,
    Save feverishly toward retirement (so I can do more of the other stuff)
    Woodwork when I can,
    Go fishing with my son & son in law,
    Enjoy cooking (and eating) outdoors.

    Stay active at church. Read and study The Word. Active in local Men's Ministry's, enjoy Promise Keeper's.

    Work on my truck (refuse to spend the $$ on a new one, besides it's better than a new one). Hope to restore an older truck or muscle car one day.

    My son & I tried to restore an old house a few years back. The project whipped my butt like no other I ever tried. Grossly underestimated what we were getting into. Luckily sold it and escaped with half our shirts on. (there's a lot more to that story)

    Enjoy Life, try to avoid the rat race, thankful for what I have, try not to worry about the rest.

    Enjoy sitting and talking with my Friends at 'the Creek'.
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    What do I do?

    Keep sucking air - every minute of every day that I am able.
    Enjoy my life
    Try and make sure that while I'm enjoying my life I'm not getting in the way of anybody else enjoying their's.
    Worked in a bank.
    Helped thousands of people buy their own homes while working as a homeloan underwriter.
    Ran tech support desks for software houses.
    Trained hundreds of people to overcome their fear of these damn machines your looking at now.
    Managed teams of people, many in their first paying jobs, as supportively as I could to help them grow brains.
    Refurbished an old house including wiring, plumbing and construction works, all passing inspection first time.
    Started learning stuff the day I was born, realised a few years ago that I would probably die before I knew everything, so I picked up the pace a little to fit in as much as I can.
    Building my first business of my own after 25 years of corporate life.
    Sang solo at midnight service in one of Germany's greatest cathedrals (back when I was a boy soprano!)

    What do I want folks to say about me when I'm dead and gone? - "He was a decent bloke"

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    Began working world at the age of 12…actually just cheap labor as a carpenters helper.
    Was building custom kitchens at the age of 16…bought my first car…GTX.
    Grad HS…got married…figured I worked in wood long enough so I joined the GE apprentice program as an all around machinist.
    After GE program…draft notice arrived so I went into the Navy as a Machinist Mate on TinCans. We were stationed everywhere from Chicago to Athens Greece.
    After 10 years I got out and moved to Washington DC to work at the Naval Sea Systems Command in Submarine Weapons Handling and Launcher world.
    Coached baseball at every level through HS and American Legion…for 20 years.
    Remodeled 3 houses…all new kitchens, etc.
    Supported wife through breast cancer battle…operations…chemo…bone marrow transplant…only to lose her after being together for 35 years.
    Married Laurie…stole her away from Canada…moved everything…including my office (Program Manager Submarine Weapons Loading and Launching Systems) and 2 Labs…to Newport RI.
    Been married 5 years now…remodeling a 40 year old Cape…just completed kitchen install while supporting Laurie through a Ph.D. program at URI (she was just asked to join the faculty!)
    Loving life by the ocean…while getting back into woodworking and digital photography.
    Glenn Clabo

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    Born in 1946 to a sharecropper in North Florida

    Four years U.S.Air Force with a tour in Viet Nam

    Married twice, last time to my wonderful wife Julie for 27 years

    Three kids, three grandkids and one on the way

    Repaired typewriters (whats that?) for Royal

    Worked up from stock boy to Store Manager for Zales' Jewelers

    Got fired from Zales

    Taught myself to write COBOL and FORTRAN

    Programmer/Systems Analyst for 32 years for various State Government agencies and private companies. Still at it.

    Designed and installed inter-office work station systems for Westinghouse.

    Repaired and maintained rental mobile homes

    Built and raced several cars

    Built and raced several motorcycles

    DJ and newscaster for local radio station

    DSA/ASA certified and licensed Softball Umpire

    Solo'd at 12 hours and earned my SEL Private Pilot's license at 41 hours (Most satisfying moment)

    Bought an airplane (Second most exciting day of my life)

    Sold an airplane (Most exciting day of my life)

    PADI certified SCUBA diver

    Amateur Radio Operator (KC4KEB)

    Won Best of Show in Wood Crafts in several Art'nCraft shows

    Won Best of Show in Jewelry in several Art'nCraft Shows

    Learned to drive 18 wheelers and earned my CDL four years ago. Drive a big rig cross country three or four times a year.

    Had two heart attacks

    Remodeled four houses and built my 24'X46' work shop from scratch. Done all plumbing, electrical, and carpentry alone to prove I could. Currently involved in a fixer-upper to sell.

    Make a lot of sawdust

    Double spaced this "resume" to make it seem like I'd done a lot

    Biggest regret: I never had a chance to go to college.

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    The highlights :

    4 wonderful children, all teenagers now, with a wife who I love.

    Got my degree while working 1 full time and 1 part time job while starting a family.

    Top fundraiser for MS 150 ride.

    Member of Origins National Championship AD&D Team.

    Promoted 2 gaming conventions.

    The lowspots:

    Took twelve years to get my degree, which really bites because the day I was accepted I had 30 credits (1 year!) in the bank.

    Crashing into a boat on my bicycle.

    The memorable spots:

    Watching ground waves during an earthquake in the Phillipines.

    Sitting out a hurricane in Guam, interesting for a guy raised in the desert.

    Desert Storm, which, coincidentally, also involved desert storms. Again, interesting for a guy raised in MOUNTAINOUS deserts.

    I have over the course of time worked as a equine waste relocation technician (my first job), paperboy, keylockup boy on a car lot, dishwasher, busboy, men's clothing sales, bookseller, library aid, building security guard / central station operator, military policeman, chemical warfare specialist, company mail guy, environmental photo analyst, environmental sampler, data processor, programmer, project coordinator, trucking firm general manager, automobile tester, construction laborer, construction cleanup, technical writer, grocery bagboy, rental car lotguy, RTA assembly technician, rough drywaller, computer instructor, help desk, systems analyst and stockbroker trainee.

    I have visited every state in the country except for Alaska, Vermont, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. I flew a plane before I drove a car, and have, for almost as long as I can remember, always had at least one two wheeled means of transportation. I've ridden a tandem in four different states, done seventy miles an hour on a bicycle, windsurfed (sort of) in two states, been to the grand opening of the Great Basin National Park, passed out into an alpine creek at Yosemite, and kayaked long before kayaking was cool.

    I created my own college degree program, and have done graduate work in ethics, focusing on the socio-political and ethical framework of divorce.

    I haven't built any houses, or any workshops. I have built two sets of wheels, and assembled more than a score of swingsets. Although I haven't built any houses for myself, it is one of the things I'd most like to see happen in my life.

    Of everything that I've learned in my two score years on this wondrous gem floating amidst the sparkling diamonds of space, this is by far the most important - God is good.
    It came to pass...
    "Curiosity is the ultimate power tool." - Roy Underhill
    The road IS the destination.

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    I thought I was too smart to finish high I quit midway through my junior year. This was probably the only 'big mistake' dad told me I was making that I've never really regretted. He was usually right.

    Went to work picking up trash, cutting grass and cleaning restrooms at the local stock car track, then drove a laundry/linen service truck for a year or so before joining the Air Force. Spent 12 years 10 months and 10 days in San Antonio and Las Vegas before leaving during president Bush's initial drawdown in 1992.

    After a 4 <i>hour</i> stint as a state prsion guard , I went back to work with computers for a government contactor, primarily in computer facility management. I learned AutoCad by drawing the hardware layout of the computer room (and 'practiced' by drawing furniture). Sometime in 1997 or 1998 I started building an occasional table for a local mesquite outfit. Eventually I started doing chairs, and before I knew it I was several months behind and the part-time gig was really just another full-time job. Jumping forward to the end of 1999, in a moment of temporary insanity I left that cushy office job that paid too much money and provided me cheap health insurance and 13 paid holidays in addition to 80 hours of vacation to build furniture full-time for the mesquite folks.

    For several reasons, I recently cut that back to part time and took a job at a cabinet shop...mostly to get back on a regular 'pay schedule', but also because they've got insurance. While I'd still rather build furniture all the time, I'd much rather build it out of MY business than somebody else's...and theoretically, I'll have more time to devote to my own still-fledgling business now.

    I'm married for the second and last time to Jean (the GOOD wife) for coming up on 14 years. Between us we have five young'uns. My three are in Iowa with their mother and my one-time best buddy...the oldest girl a recently married Iowa State grad, the youngest girl an Iowa State sophmore (probably still a freshman for academic purposes!), and the boy a high school junior. Jean's two sons lived with us since 1994. Her oldest is now the daddy of one and a Navy submariner, the youngest is a sophmore at UT Austin on a full Navy ROTC scholarship.

    A couple weeks ago I rescued and brought home our third cat. She and the two that don't much like her grudgingly share space with Princess the Cocker, and two Saint Bernards...Marshal Dillon and Miss Kitty (cute, huh?).

    Obviously, I build furniture...but I also built the house we live in. That's what I consider my biggest accomplishment, and with the exception of the sheetrock, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Enough so that I'd like to start over and apply all the lessons learned...but not until after I replace my current shop with about 2000SF of new shop right across the driveway...


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