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Thread: Have you ever wondered?

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    Have you ever wondered?

    I live in a relative urban area and often work in my shop at night, as many of you do. My dog, a Great Dane/Lab, is usually in the shop with me, but she would lick any intruder and expect rubs in return. Have you ever wondered what tool you would grab if an intruder entered your shop? My Japanese saw hangs on a wall, or maybe a 1" chisel. What would you grab in a moment's notice to defend yourself? Ok, if the dude had a gun, I would simply give up.

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    The nearest exit

    Failing that:

    2' to 4' level (good handholds) or 2x4 lumber of similar length
    Hatchet or Axe
    5/8" bowl gouge with 24" steel handle and rubber grips

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    Don't want to create political debate and irk the mods, but this is why we have the 2nd amendment. There is only one "tool" appropriate for this job. If you truly feel this is an issue, then a gun is the only tool and should be kept in your apron pocket. Burglars that enter your home while you are out are one breed, but the guy that comes in knowing you are there has already made the decision to hurt or kill you if you get in the way. He probably has the appropriate tool with him, and none of the mentioned tools will do anything except get you hurt.

    I am never too far from "one" of my pistols, but rarely in the shop. But, I live in a rural area, on acreage, and don't feel the need to have one while in the shop. Were I in your situation, I wouldn't even have to ask the question!

    Mods, if I went too far with this one, feel free to delete and I apologize in advance!

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    Step 1 - grab Finish nailer/Brad nailer.

    Step 2 - hook up air hose

    Step 3 - Hope that compressor is switched on.


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    Exit if I can. Next is to find the nearest can of an aerosol solvent and aim for the face, then get out.
    Going toe to toe with someone in this scenario could well be a losing proposition.

    Nothing wrong with your position. Like you, I don't have a firearm in the shop. I hope I never have to feel that need.
    "The first thing you need to know, will likely be the last thing you learn." (Unknown)

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    If an intruder makes it to my shop, he has proceeded to the deepest bowels of the dwelling, for it is in the back, underground at the far end, without windows or outside doors, and he has already passed the more noteworthy items to remove from my the fridge or freezer...except for the excellent swiss which I finished yesterday. Oh, yes, what would I pick up to defend myself...guess it would be a cat and sling it at him....if I had a cat.

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    Fire extinguisher -- hopefully momentarily blind him, make breathing hard, and it that doesn't work, hit him with it as I get the H E double hockey sticks out of there. My shop is insured -- things can be replaced. I'm insured too, but I am really hoping that my wife doesn't think that it is at replacement value.


    If you only took one trip to the hardware store, you didn't do it right.

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    Cell phone, and dial 911.

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    I agree with the exit strategy, live to fight another day! The problem with a pistol or any other weapon is that the intruder has the advantage in that he knows what he is about to get into. You on the other hand will have the disadvantage of being taken by surprise and then quickly have to make a decision as to what to do as he's coming at you. Then go find said weapon which likely wouldn't be right next to you at any given moment (except maybe in Texas).
    If your exit is blocked then I really like the fire extinguisher idea. Allows you to defend from a distance. Anything that keeps you at a distance is best, IMO. Going hand to hand with a chisel or saw blade will likely end badly. Or of course you could go get yourself a meaner dog
    good luck,

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    I have thought about that very situation, because with a front facing garage on the house, anyone walking by can walk up to me working in my shop if i I have the door open, which in nice weather is usually the case)

    It is about 5 steps to the door leading into the house from my shop, close that and then about another 5 steps to get the .45 or 12 gauge. I would hope whoever got motivated enough to come into my house would again be motivated enough to leave after hearing a pump action shot gun get cocked behind the door. Because believe me, he does NOT want to know what is behind door #3.

    Get out of there first though, then if he keeps coming and takes another step in my house through that door, it may very well be his last.

    There is also my double sided axe on the wall, but I really would not want to have to go Lizzy Borden on someone....

    Sensitive subject though, hope this conversation remains civil.
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    What did Danny Glover say in Lethal Weapon 2?....."Nailed them!"

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    I have to agree with John, this is what our second amendment rights are for.

    However, in the spirit of the question if I had to immediately defend myself from a crazed attacker I think I would go for a chisel. Recently sharpened, they cut wood like butter, and they cut skin like they cut air.

    If I had to resort to a chisel to defend my life it would be only in the most dire of circumstances....

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    Since my shop is in the basement, it's not something I think about.

    I guess I could grab Ellington the shop cat and throw him at the intruder?

    Regards, Rod.

  14. I'd reach for a crowbar. A chisel would let him get to close. As far as a gun is concerned that would work nicely as well, but storing it in your woodworking apron, that is ridiculous.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Trout View Post
    I have to agree with John, this is what our second amendment rights are for.
    I agree with you 100%

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