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Thread: Sandblast Stencil Question

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    Sandblast Stencil Question

    Thanks to all I'm ready to take the sandblast plunge. One more question (for now). What stencil tape is recommended to use for imaging on an Epilog and blasting glass? Thanks as usual.

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    laser tape

    I use Photobrasive laser tape from Ikonics (800) 643-1037 it comes in 6" X 100', 6" X 25' or 12" X 100'. My first roll of 100' just ran out after a lot of blasting over 2yrs. lot # A08755. I don't use Rapid Mask photo resist films at all. But then I don't do photos on glass either.
    Good luck.
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    You can also use any Anchor product that is a polyester base. I use a lot of their 116 mask. It's thick enough to do rocks and still thin enough to do some fairly fine work. For anything finer I use a tape I bought from Innotech - green stuff, can't remember the name.


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    I use Lazer's Edge tape from Specialty Tapes.
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    If I'm just doing a quick design on glass, no real fine detail or deep etching required. Ordinary sign transfer tape seems to work for surface etching deep enough to feel.. If you can get enough feel for the machine using that stuff, I would assume the heavier stuff that will take a beating, would offer a lot more forgiveness to a ham fisted operator.. One of these days I'll try some of the 'real' sandblasting masks.. I have been just playing around for the last year..
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