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Thread: Bullnose Router Bit 3/4 radius

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    Bullnose Router Bit 3/4 radius

    I am looking for a cheaper bullnose bit, 3/4 radius, to make a 1.5 inch diameter round rod. My only luck on searching has come up with a Amana, but it is $150.00. Does anyone have a cheaper source, different brand, for such a bit?

    Or another way to make a 55" inch long 1.5" diameter rod?



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    Give Woodline a try, they show this on the web site:
    I've always had great service from them.
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    My Whiteside version is about $100 after SMC discount, still some cash though.

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    I use a quarter round in four passes to to make dowels on the router table. I leave a good 6"-8" of the lead and tail end square to support the stock. For a dowel that big I might take several light passes per side. With careful set up minimal sanding is required. It might be safer to set up a jig and come from above with a plunge router, leaving both ends square, or make a similar jig for the router table. Thats a lot of bit and not much bearing surface by the last pass.

    I have a 3/4" radius quarter round I use for counter top bullnose fabrication. Its a freud, works great, didn't cost anywhere near $150.

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    I would use a 3/4" radius roundover bit. Cut your material several inches longer than needed and run it over your router table leaving a square on each end. Four passes over the router bit and you should have what you want.
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    Tom Witzig Guest

    MLCS has one for $33. I haven't used it but I have used their big round-overs with good results.



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    Thanks for all the replies. I will choose MLCS for $33.00. If I had more known applications to use it, I would go with Brian at Holbren and the Whiteside.

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