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Thread: Parts for Hitachi F1000A planer/jointer

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    Parts for Hitachi F1000A planer/jointer

    Looking for a few parts for Hitachi F1000A planer/jointer. The one I have is powered by 230 volts.
    I had my local tool repair shop call Hitachi and most parts are not available.

    What I really need is the pulley that goes on the end of the 12 inch main planer head, this would be the one that drives the planer head via drive belts from the motor. I also need the two drive belts, and a power switch.
    Anyone out there with an old machine good only for parts?
    Found an old machine for cheap, that no one knew if it ran or not. I bypassed the on off switch to find that the motor does indeed run, but can only be used as a jointer at the moment.

    Any help would be great


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    Construction Specialties in Austin is a Hitachi dealer and they just ordered me some belts a few days ago. I have heard via researching the internet, that the P12R shares some parts such as blades in common with the F-1000A but I can't confirm it.

    I am still trying to figure out how to put the belts on though, other than sheer brute force.

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