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Thread: Points of Interest Concerning SawMill Creek

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    Points of Interest Concerning SawMill Creek

    Unfriendly Behavior
    It is time we reminded everyone that its important we all embrace the friendly atmosphere here at SawMill Creek. There is no need for confrontations, flaming or any conversation that falls outside of our Community standards. If any individual here is unable to be friendly in their response to any post they would be well advised not to respond at all. Derogatory or cute remarks that are disrespectful toward another Member here just won't be tolerated. There are tens of thousands of Members here that agree on this point and your peers are very quick to report unfriendly behavior.

    Cross Posting
    Please refrain from cross posting. Starting identical threads in multiple forums here seems like a good way to get your message more exposure and more response but it is detrimental to the organization of information here.

    Your Legal Responsibilities
    Public posting of inaccurate or misleading information particularly if it is libelous or defamatory in nature will undoubtedly become a legal nightmare with serious consequences for the poster. Each person is legally responsible for the accuracy of their posts here. Never make statements that are not factual or that you cannot prove.

    The majority of our Community abide by these rules, those who do not will forfeit their access here without warning.
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