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Thread: 10" SCMS - Dewalt? Bosch?

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    10" SCMS - Dewalt? Bosch?

    Hey everybody, looks like I am gonna have the opportunity to upgrade my miter saw. And now it is decision time, based on the amount I have to spend (approx. $400) I though I was set on the Bosch 4405 which I can pick up from the local BORG for $398.

    But then I get a sale flyer today from said BORG offering the DeWalt DW717 for $439 (reg $549) for the next 4 days.

    Which way to go is now the big question. I absolutely love the Bosch tools I have, and like the up-fron controls on their saw, but will single bevel be limiting for me? Anyone have, or use these saws? Not many reviews to be found as they are both fairly new offerings from their respective companies. Any help...please, I only have 4 days to decide.


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    Hello Derek, I can't help you with the 2 saws you are looking at because I have always had a Hitachi, but for the single bevel it depends on what and how you are going to use the saw. I cut a lot of crown on my saw. The method I use has the crown molding flat on the table and I set the saw at a compound angle so a saw that will not bevel both ways would be a problem for me. May not be an issue for you just something to think about. Dave

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    Less than thrilled with Bosch

    I've owned two Bosch saws, a 10" CMS and (currently) a 12" SCMS. In both cases, I've had issues with sloppy locking mechanism. My current saw will move back and forth about 1.5 degrees even when moved to the 90 degree stop and "locked". I have to be very careful to keep right-ward pressure on the handle or I'll get a crooked cut.

    When I bought my 12" I wanted to get the Dewalt but decided to cheap-out for the Bosch, which I now really regret. I've owned several Bosch products, tool and other things like our dishwasher. Never quite happy with any of them.

    Sometime in the next few weeks I'll be getting a new SCMS 'cause I'm tired of dealing with the sloppiness. Maybe a Dewalt, but right now I'm leaning towards Hitachi. Either way, the Bosch is history.


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    I dig my hitachi 10" SCMS - came from the factory perfectly aligned. The dust collection bag actually works fairly well - havent connected it to a DC system yet, but i imagine it would work excellent with some actual suction.

    Slide action is nice. The thumb safety button takes a bit to get used to, but once you've used it a few times it becomes second nature. My vote is for the green machine.

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    I have a DeWalt 12" SCMS which I really like a lot. It's the model they made about 10 years ago. I've read several comments recently that the newer model miter saws by DeWalt are not of the same quality. Not personal experience. Just what I've heard. I had always heard good comments, until the one above, about Bosch miter saws and I think there's pretty much universal praise for the Makita 10" miter saw. I've also over the past year or so read of a number of people getting and liking very much the Hitachi saws which can be purchased at very reasonable prices compared to the others.

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    You can't go wrong with either, but I can tell you that the Bosch and the Makita SCMS's get the best reviews.

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    At the present time I do not foresee doing much crown molding in the near future...but that doesn't mean I won't be doing any either. What situations, besides crown molding does Dual Bevel really excel versus a single bevel saw?

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    Well, popped into the local BORG last night to do a quick look-see of the two saws...Both are quite nice in both fit and finish, here are som of the pros and cons...

    Up front controls
    easier miter detent release
    support extensions
    Larger guide rails
    Dust Scoop

    Single Bevel
    no bevel detents
    Direct Drive

    Bevel Detents
    Dual bevel
    crosscut capacity
    ability to add laser and/or worklight
    15 amp versus 13 for the Bosch
    Belt Drive
    Dust Scoop

    No support extentions
    miter release action
    smaller guide rails

    Are there any other major features I should look at before deciding?

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    Don't forget about the Makita LS1011 SCMS. Got one, love it. Best reviews in the woodworking mags.

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    I did a lot of research starting a year ago. I narrowed my choices down to three sliders, Makita, Hitachi, and Bosch, in that order. I really wanted the Makita, but I lucked into a deal at Lowes on the Hitachi I couldn't (didn't) refuse. The Hitachi also has the 13 amp motor instead of the 15 the Makita has. I need to get a better blade as the Hitachi blade is fine for cutting building materials, but not for hardwood trim. Where the Makita blade gets rave reviews for smooth cuts.
    Not sure if Lowes still has any of the Hitachi units left or not, but they have closed out several models here. Jim.
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    Makita LS1011 SCMS? How did that not make the list? I've had one for years, works great. The bosch looks good, nearly bought one instead. I rented and borrowed a Dewalt a few times before buying. Heavy, noisy, clumbsy would be my top three words to describe those. Not my personal favorite.

    Besides the Kapex, there is no single SCMS I would call perfect, they all seem to have some strengths and annoying little quirks. I'd check out the Makita in your search, worth a look. Probably can't miss regardless of which one you get, they are all pretty good tools.

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    If the Makita blade is really good, you should factor that into the price/value equation because most blades that come stock with miter saws aren't that good and need to be replaced. I use a Forrest blade and it cuts great but isn't cheap.

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    I have the Dewalt

    It's ok, not as good as I thought I would be. Not a good as my 10 Bosch CMS. I regret not buying the 12" Bosch CMS. I have some play in the linear bearings, you can tighten a setscrew to eliminate this play but it then makes the sliding action very tight. I also get some tearout on the backside of the blade. I have owned several chop saws and three CMS saws, the best action was the 10" Hitachi but the best fence and scale is the 717 Dewalt. The best cutting is the 10" Bosch.

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    I'm not a big DeWalt fan but their saws are excellent in my opinion, they are the standard for interior trim crews and a great advantage is that I think you can cut stock like 6.5" tall, (very handy for running base trim) much nicer than having to lay the saw back and forth!!

  15. In a word: Makita. Simply the best compound sliders out there. Well almost for about 1500 you can have the Festool. Here is a clip from an Amazon review referring to the LS1013 series Makita.

    Woodworker's Journal (part of Rockler) evaluated six 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saws in the June 2008 issue. The top rated by a good bit was a Festool saw. Festool is European in origin and a VERY good saw. However it costs more than three times as much as this one(Makita). The reviewer says if you are gifted in the money department, buy the Festool because it excels in every test done. Kind of expected for the Germans... This saw (Makita) came in second, only three points behind the Festool and actually excelled in cutting power. For the price, power, and accuracy it will be a very good buy for yawl looking for a new chop saw...

    You can save a hundred bucks out of 5, or you can have the best. Well Ok, within 3 points of the best. If accuracy is your game, the Makita in both compound cuts, for beveling, and miter accuracy is king of the game. I measured mine, and I have both the LS1013 and the LS1212, and both gave me accuracy, measured by a Bosch Digital protractor, that measures angles in tenths of a degree, equal to 3600 dots in a circle, no matter how small the circle, and it was not off by even one tenth of a degree. To get that kind of accuracy, for the miter settings, you have to ocassionally straighten the fence and reset. It has to do with the fact that you are pressing your material against an aluminum fence, which has to be light for portability, and narrow to keep out of the way of the blade in the center. Mate that with a spinning blade that is forcing the workpiece into the fence, and you are inviting center warpage of fence. Notwithstanding, if you have different people working on the saw, they may perchance start their plunge, before squeezing the trigger, and that catches the workpiece and tries to fling it through the back of the saw. Ouch. I've been there, done it, and am now careful to start first, plunge second.
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