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Thread: Milwaukee 12" CMS Review

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    Milwaukee 12" CMS Review

    I just received my 12"Milwaukee CMS from EBAY last week. I have just now gotten around to playing with it after I got it out of the box. I used the Livesearch function on EBAY and got 25% off and after rebate I got the saw for $323 shipped to my door.(Thanks Deals and Discounts heads up). The box it came in was very large and teh saw was packed in heavy styrofoam. The saw required no assembly to use.

    The first thing I did was start it up. The saw did not jerk at all upon startup. The saw sounds just like the festool TS55 on startup probably due to the soft start and the constant speed electronics. It is definately quieter than my 10" CMS (a cheap'o). I really liked the lights on the saw. It really helps see the cut line--although no laser is included. I use the tip of the blade to see my cut line or I use my zero clearance insert to see the cut line depending on were I mark the board.

    Now to the test cuts. The first cuts in Red oak were exactly 90 deg with my angle gauge. I will be checking with the 5 square method from the kapex manual this weekend. The dust control was very good with just the bag on Red Oak. I decided to max it out on a pc of 8/4 red oak that was 7-1/2" wide. No problem and no burning. I checked the max crosscut length at 90 deg with a piece of plywood a little over 7-7/8".

    I have not checked with an a real cut, but I measured the max on edge height to be 6-1/2" on the fence so most moulding can easily be cut.

    Now to dust collection. With hardwood I did not notice any dust escape, but the shop was dirty and I needed to clean up for some finish work. After the finish work was over I proceeded to cut som Melamine MDF shelf stock 6" wide and do some measurements on DC. The Dust Collection with my Grizzly 1029 DC on was fantastic! No dust clouds, very little dust anywhere. As you can see on the dust pan and the digital scale..very little dust from the fell on the floor, table, or saw. I scrounged every corner to find 0.1 OZ of dust from 10 cuts in MDF and 2 45 deg cuts.
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    Without the dust collector attached the story changed quickly though. The dust bag collected about 2.0 oz of dust after 10 additional cuts in MDF. the floor and saw and entire shop were somewhat typical of a CMS There was 5.7 oz of dust collected on the floor, saw and table. From my testing at the local woodcraft store with their KAPEX--I would say it would be as good as or better than the Kapex with Dust collection, but without DC it may not be all that much better than the other CMS I have tested.
    the saw is fantastic though. The digital miter gage correlates exactly with my digital angle gage. I would definately buy it again...especially for $323!
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    I forgot to mention that a 4" flew tube will fit onto the 90 deg dust port provided. It has to be flattened to fit the oval shape of the dust chute, but it does OK. With some caulk or weather stripping it would seal nicely.
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