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Thread: Looking For Nice Cherry??

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    Looking For Nice Cherry??

    I have a friend who is in the Fine Woodworking Program at Rio Grande University (Some of you may be familiar with the quality work they do) He needs about 80-90 Bd. Ft. of cherry {Darker in color, little sap, and some wide boards too} They are very picky about lumber and he hasn't had any luck finding the cherry he needs.

    We looked at Muterspaw yesterday and the good stuff is mostly sold out.

    Anyone have any Suggestions??

    anywhere in central/southern ohio or northern kentucky would and He needs to be able to sort through?

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    Call Frank Miller in Indiana
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    Some of the nicest cherry in the world comes from western and northern Pennsylvania. These folks had beautiful curly cherry wide boards with rich color at reasonable prices in the spring. They typically cater to the casket industry but does sell retail on occasion. 100 bf minimum. Call George to see what he's got.

    Donovan & Schoonover Lumber
    640 East Academy St
    Shinglehouse, PA 16748

    814 697 6663
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    Why not have him contact Mike Morgan here at SMC...Mike has a Manufacturer's Forum that helps support this site and he sells and ships really nice reasonable prices.

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    A new store just opened here on the East side of Cincinnati. Hardwood Lumber and more. The have a web site under the same name. They are Just off the 275 loop in Milford,Ohio .Highway 28 exit. I was looking at the cherry yesterday and they have some of the best looking lumber I have seen in a long time. They are also a Rockler store.

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    Forgot to add above. I have used Globe Hardwood in Olive hill / Morehead KY. EXCELANT lumber. They are a large Kiln but will sell to anyone. I called yesterday for Cherry and it was around $4.50 ft. It's about 2hr 45min drive for me so tack an hour on from Dayton. I like going just for the drive.
    Be sure to call and place an order. Like I said not a store so you order, they pick, and you take home. I get 100-200' at a time and never a bad board so I have no problem with them picking.

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    source for high quality cherry

    I have been buying all my cherry, figured and plain, thick and thin, from Irion Lumber in Wellsboro, PA for about 8 years. They have a 200 board foot minimum but they ship very quickly and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to selecting exactly the lumber you need for your project. Phone number is 570 724 1895 ... Tell Myron dan mosheim sent you ...
    You can see photos of their curly cherry here on my blog ... http://dorsetcustomfurniture.blogspo...sideboard.html

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