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Thread: What tool for cutting FRP panels?

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    What tool for cutting FRP panels?

    What tool would you guys use to cut FRP panels? These are the rough fiberglass panels commonly used in commercial kitchens and gym showers.

    The installation instructions I have found on the web don't say anything about what tool or method to use for cutting the stuff. I will use a particle mask to avoid breathing fiberglass dust.

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    Im a PM for a commercial construction firm, we use this stuff constanly... and i have seen it done a number of ways. I have seen cirular saw, jig saw, tin snips, utility knife/straight edge... a few options. Wear your PPE that stuff hurts when it hits ya.

    Good luck.
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    frp panels

    A carbide blade on a skilsaw or table saw cuts it well. Cutting frp on anything is hard on blades. I would get a respirator and a long sleeve shirt if you have much of it to cut.

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    We make a few million pounds of it a year and use diamond blades. Carbide works also but dulls quickly.

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