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Thread: quilted mahogany table

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    I'm curious, what would a table like that fetch price wise? Simply stunning!

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    I rember when you posted the beginning of your project. It came out absolutley remarkable. Any scrapps you want to send my way? Segmented turning will put them to great use.
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    bill, if you get any, they might look good in that platter you are working on with the inlay
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    First of all, stunning work! Secondly, could you tell us how you obtained a wonderful piece of wood like this? And how much it set you back?

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    thanks all for the good things you said about my work-and for those that asked me something and i didn't respond-well better late than never. duncan potter asked how i cut the cove in the arch-i used my neat red-neck rigged mortiser-i made a high fence with two wheels to feed the arch through put a big cove bit in the router and went to work- finished with goose-neck scraper-oh that templet in the pic is not the arch it's just there to show how it worked-

    lee hingle asked asked how i got hold of this board and what i paid - in 1995 r. novak ,who was the man who dragged the log out of the jungle in 1983 called me -this lawyer in miami had bought a few board from the tree ten years before and was ready to sell it-i paid ten grand for the big board and twenty thousand more for the rest of it - i was flush at the time-last year i sold some of what i had-pictured below-

    the three big boards were book-matched- i have two big book-matched boards i kept.
    12000 bd ft. came from the tree-pictured below right when it was cut at the mill in belize in 83-

    that's it in the back also-

    robert novak in 83-when he still had some hair.
    jason scott asked what i plan to ask for this table-that's being debated now-the board itself is worth $30000 -according to the only person i know who has the biggest stash ( over a dozen boards) of this wood the price he puts on it is $600 a bd ft-so i don't know- you guys tell me what you think-over $50000 for sure -but will the person that pays 50 pay 75 -give me some help here- i have to put a price on it by oct.



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    Holy smokes! I don't know how you were ever able to work up the courage to put a blade to that wood. I would be so nervous I don't think I could do it.

    Again, kudos to you. I'm glad there are folks like you who posses the skill and courage to create such beautiful things out of such magnificent and historic wood, but I'm not one of them.

    I think that anyone with the money and desire to own such a singular piece of art and history would be willing to pay much more than 50k. For such things, the market is very small but you only need one customer. If you have more than one person willing to pay the asking price, you've priced it too low. The trick is finding that one...
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    Thanks for your reply. It just adds much more interest to the already great story of the tree. I went back and found the original FWW issue that the story was in. It is interesting to note that the wood originally sold for $10-$30 per board foot (depending on width).

    Talk about a return on investment! Too bad you didn't get it back in '85.

    Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. Your work is stunning.


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    A masterly work made in homage to The Tree. Beautiful!

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    I really like this post - so, I thought I'd add a comment to bring it back up to the forefront..... Maybe there's a new member that has never seen this beautiful piece of furniture....

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    Terrific table. I love the design and I really appreciate the skidded craftsmanship that goes into such a large piece!
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    I'm not new but missed this in the past so thanks for bringing it back to the top Ed. Don't have the adjectives to say what I think about that table. Nearly brings tears just looking at the pictures. It's something I would like to see personally and run my hands over. Maybe crawl underneath and just lay there looking up in awe and appreciation to a great artist and craftsman. I wonder if it has been sold or price set?

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    Let's $600 per BF the two blocks I need for my Bowie Knife scales is..........a whole bunch.

    That is some beautiful wood and a great looking table!


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    here's a link that tells about the log, along with a few pictures

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    again thanks for all the good things you guys have said about my work-i picked up the table from the texas furniture makers show yesterday-i had a price of $70000 on it--it didn't sell (dern) and i didn't win anything--i got more recognition for the walnut hall table (pictured below) that i also had in the show---

    thank all--rounding off the sharp corners---alex

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