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Thread: Home Made Miter Saw Stand (Portable)

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    Home Made Miter Saw Stand (Portable)

    Has anyone built a portable Miter Saw Stand; or suggestions on how to set up a temporary stand for a project at my nephew's home.

    In my garage I have a setup that I use with a permanent work bench; but it would be impossible to take it with me.

    Thanks, plans and photos would be helpful.

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    I just bolt the saw to a piece of plywood and clamp the plywood to some saw horses. Then I use my roller stands on each side. This is more for a temp setup. I just didn't see a reason to build something portable since a short term setup was all I am after.

    It is a little different story if you are looking for an excuse to build something.

    Have fun...

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    Bob...I have my Dewalt 12" MS bolted to a piece of plywood that has cleats screwed to the bottom. I clamp this into my Black & Decker Workmate. It works pretty well. I also have my scroll saw, small belt sander, dovetail jig, morticer and router table bolted to similar pieces of plywood, and use the Workmate for all of them.
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    B&D Workmate and roller stand here too. It was going to be my "temporary" set up until I got around making a permanent bench. That was about 7 years ago...

    Given the small size of my shop, I have decided to go with a rolling cabinet with folding wing tables instead of a permanent bench, in order to preserve what little wall space I still have. Should be able to jump on that sometime in the next 7 years!

    One of the magazine websites had a plan I like a lot, but almost all of them have some sort of similar rolling cabinet with wings. Good luck!

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    I have a Delta mitersaw which has 'dado' slots in the base that accept 2x4's on end. My portable stand is more of a ladder. I just clamp it to horses - or even use it on the floor. Works great.

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    Buddy of mine uses his Workmate. His saw's mounting holes line up with some of the Workmate's holes. He uses bolts and fender washers...

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    miter saw stand

    I do not have plans, but I built two of these stands a few years ago for my two sons.

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    Norm of NYWS made one a few years ago with swing out extension arms on both sides of the saw IIRC. He was planning on using it for job site setups.

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