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Thread: Whats the secret to growing peppers?

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    Whats the secret to growing peppers?

    Year in and year out my peppers plants don't do well. I get peppers and some plants just give and give, but my plants don't get very tall and some don't produce many peppers.
    I mostly grow greens and jalapenos.

    Anybody got the silver bullet?????

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    I don't know much about peppers, but I know some plants are particular about what the soil ph is.

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    Soil is a major player, when I moved in with my now husband one of my first projects was to dig a small garden out back. The first year was a total flop, that fall I purchase a four garbage cans full of organic compost and dug it in. The next year I had so many peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and ended buying canning jars to preserve for the winter. Worked for me.


    With the cost of food going up I bet alot more folks will be putting in gardens.
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    Matt - growing peppers is one of those things I love to do but up here we have a very short growing season - so I have changed my gardening a little to help get the most out of my pepper plants. I have varied what I grow over the years - mostly Anaheims, Garden Salsas, Green, Yellow, Red and Orange Bells, Jalapenos and Habeneros. This year is stickly Bells and Habeneros.

    What I do is mix up compost (manure and compost mix) with top soil and place in used tires I have in the back yard. Looks like heck but the tires absorb the summer heat and retain moisture. Once all the plants are in the tires I cover everything with about 2" of compost to help keep everything from drying out.


    Works for me - if you have any questions - let me know.

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    well drained soil mixed with compost. around 6.5 ph. lots of bone meal and kelp meal. composted chicken poop is good too. this formula is good for tomatoes also.

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    Steve -

    Please don't tell me that, that is what your pepper plants look like this year.

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    Matt - sorry, that photo was taken 2 years ago. Last year's crop was shredded by golf ball size hail on June 21 but still managed to freeze about 1/2 gallon of sliced up Habeneros. This year's crop was planted just last weekend and are only about 8" to 12" tall.

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    We have raised beds with soil that drains well and we fertilize often. The plants in the ground out produce the ones in pots by quite a large margin. We are getting lots of serrano peppers right now and several jalapenos, but we have really enjoyed a new pepper for us, the lipstick pepper. The LOML made a batch of salsa tonight using fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden. We have hit 100 degrees every day for about 2 weeks in a row now, so we water almost every day.

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    Thanks for the info guys and gals.

    I'm going to try the raised bed approach.

    Hopefully - salsa in a month or so!!

    MMMMMMM salsa.

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    Two hints!

    Pepper do better closer together. The flowers are wind pollinated and don't produce a lot of pollen so having the plats touch each other when mature helps set peppers. Second, if you are a smoker, wear gloves when working on your plants as they are susceptible to a virus that comes from tobacco. I don't recall the details, but my Dad who was a smoker always had problems until he started wearing gloves when working around his pepper plants.
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    I buy the "Charlie Brown" plants after Mother's Day, hit 'em with Miracle Grow for vegetables, and by Flag Day I am eating peppers (and Rolaids), and my tomatoes are doing well. I just love lazy gardening. Weeds get pulled periodically, and the volunteers from last years late crops keep us in veggies all summer long. I use raised beds for my veggies and a separate patch for my blackberries. If the berries all mature, a bumper crop this year! Yippee!
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    We have a single jalapeno in a pot and it seems to have forgotten that it's supposed to grow.

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