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Thread: I need columns

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    I need columns

    In the process of a living room remodel I have removed a load bearing wall to open up between dining room and living room. I have it supported with temporary braces for the time being, and eventually plan on installing a knee wall with columns from the top of the wall to the ceiling. These will need to be approximately 3 feet, and will most likely be painted white.

    I have had no luck with finding columns of different lengths. All I find at the borgs is floor to ceiling columns.

    If I had a lathe I would plan on turning some, but I don't, and can't buy one.

    Any ideas?

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    Do a Google search on "columns" and you will get lots of hits on companies that make and sell columns.

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    Post Hi Amy

    Columns~ If you can give me the dimensions ,width,hight ~ would you like them fluted/stop flutes , what ever you want~ I can tell you what it will cost once I have the specs if you are interested. You have yourself a great day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Townsend View Post
    Do a Google search on "columns" and you will get lots of hits on companies that make and sell columns.
    But all of the columns I am finding, including websites, are 8' or taller. I need something closer to 3 feet.

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    Amy -

    Have you tried a local millwork supply co. or local lumber lard?

    Thats where I would start.

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    What about using some hefty table legs?

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    what about buying the BORG ones at 8' and then cutting them into the pieces you need?

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    You have a table saw right? You can make six or eight sided columns of any length easy and cheap. You can even purchase a router bit that will give you perfect edge angles every time...if you like the look of columns that aren't round.


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    Try Outwater Plastics. They are one of the best sources around for architectural millwork (including columns).

    Standard disclaimer: I have no affiliation in any way with Outwater Plastics.
    Dave Anderson
    Chester Toolworks LLC
    Chester, NH

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    You might want to try Osborne Wood Products at or Classic Designs at

    Or you could take Brian Weick up on his offer.
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    My favorite source is "Classic Designs" at:
    David DeCristoforo

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    You can't support a load by placing a column on top of a knee wall, especially since you removed all of the studs.

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    I recently made columns (about 16 inches high) from 4 inch pvc pipe fitted into circular grooves in a base and a top made from mahogany. I painted them with textured paint and they looked pretty good.

    I know you need a structural solution - I put a 2x4 inside the pipe and screwed the top and base into it so it would hold together. I'm sure you could do something like that so that the 2x4 (or maybe two of them) would support the weight if they were the right length.

    Having said that, you probably should consult an engineer if it's a load bearing wall, and as a previous poster mentioned you'd have a problem with the studs gone - you need some beam across the top and make sure the kneewall is built so it supports the weight.

    I'm not an engineer and I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

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    When I say "load-bearing wall" I use that term loosely. Based upon the configuration of the room, the location of the wall in relation to the two rooms, and the construction of the previous wall, there is no doubt that columns will support the load. It should actually be considered a partition wall at best. Two (2) oneXfours running vertical with another oneXfour connecting them at top. Inside the frame was stained glass that had become old and dingy. It was a decorative wall that also shouldered some weight.

    In another house I removed a load-bearing wall that we did not think was a load bearing wall. We found out after cracking that it was. We fixed it with an I-beam running across the top and resting on a steel post on either side. It was all covered with sheetrock.

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