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Thread: replacing arbor bearings on craftsman saw

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    replacing arbor bearings on craftsman saw

    I have a craftsman table saw (contractor style model # 315 228390) and I think I need to replace the arbor bearings. It's getting pretty loud and although it's still cutting fine, I know there is something wrong and I think this is it.

    Have any of you changed out the bearings in a saw similar to this? and if so, is there a good source for bearings of this sort?


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    It's hard to notice bearing noise on a table saw. Still you can check it pretty easily. Remove the belt and turn the arbor by hand. If it turns smoothly, the bearings are almost certainly good. (Some experts out there will realize there are some failure modes that might pass this test but they're very uncommon in a relatively new machine).

    If it's pretty loud, I suspect the belt is worn and/or improperly tensioned and is whacking against the belt guard. I'd replace with another solid belt, but lots of folks will recommend link belts and either is a decent call on a contractor saw.

    I took a quick peek at the manual online and it looks like the bearings are pressed in from opposite sides. Not a difficult job, but a bit more of a nuisance than one-sided arrangements. You don't have to buy them from Sears, Sears is buying them somewhere else too.

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    I'm in the finishing stages of the restoration of a MUCH older Craftsman saw, (103.22450 -'54 model). That being said, I'll second the statement that your bearings may not be the problem. While I had everything apart on my saw, I went ahead and replaced the bearings; even though the saw is approx. 50 years old, the original sealed bearings weren't in all that bad of shape. I would recommend cleaning out the area around the arbor w/ compressed air, and lubricating the moving parts as required. If in the end you do decide to replace your bearings, I would recommend calling Accurate Bearing Company out of Addison Il. Just read off the info stamped on the side of your bearings to the receptionist and she'll set you up.

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    As Pete and Heath have said, replacing the bearings isn't a hugely difficult task if you have some basic machinery assembly experience and are comfortable removing and replacing parts that have a light interference fit.

    But for many folks this may be better done by the local electric motor shop. They may have the bearings, too.

    The easiest approach is to turn the saw upside down and then tilt the blade carriage all the way over. That allows easy access to the arbor support (looks like a sector gear).

    On many Craftsman saws it is only a matter of removing one circlip on the elevation screw, unscrewing that until it is disengaged from the elevation gear, then one large circlip to allow removing the sector. Then take that to your motor shop and tell them what you want done. They may ask you to source the bearings, or may have them available. Accurate Bearings is a good phone-order source if you can't find them locally.

    While it is upside down clean everything carefully and lube with paste wax. Reassemble the arbor sector and reengage the elevator screw and you are off to the races.

    Hope this helps.

    I replaced the bearings in my older Craftsman and also had a machine shop true up the arbor flange (it was wobbling a lot) while I had it out.

    Huge improvement!

    -Tom H.

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