Good Day to the Creek,
Please allow me to lay out the who, what, where, why, when and how...

This is an invitation to all Creekers:
Gary Zimmel and Walt Caza cordially invite you to join us in a remote build of a classic furniture project.
We are each going to build the same Morris chair together, just 1975 miles apart. Even farther if you decide to play along!

We have selected an attractive project that includes bow arms, through tenons, corbels and a 3 position reclining back.

The chairs will be built in our own workshops as we find time, and pics of progress and problems will be brought right here to this posting.
The plans are readily available 3 different ways, from WOOD magazine.
Details in the following post to this thread if you are interested.

We are hoping for a fun, shared learning experience building this hallmark of the Arts & Crafts movement together.
This is not a contest, nor a race. It is more about the journey, but the destination holds much promise too!
It's a great chair.

No time seemed ideal to start...
many are not in their shops in winter, most are too busy in summer.
We decided we will start within July. Plenty of time to get your plans,
gather materials, sharpen your tools and sweep our shop floors.
We are just weekend warriors with jobs, yard work, families, other projects, etc...
so progress may be slow and steady.

All it takes to join the Morris Chair project is modest skills, a desire to build a handsome and classic chair and the warm spirit of Sawmill Creek.
The only thing that can make it 'Great', is your participation !!

Further details in the following post...
Hope you'll join us,
Walt and Gary