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Thread: does the creek have license plates?

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    Personally, I'd love to have a front plate with SMC logo on it!!!!!!

    How about a motorcycle license plate frame???!!!!!! I want one of those!!!
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    This is an old topic but I have decided to look into our options for both license plates and for the custom trim frames. I have laser engraved stainless steel trim frames many times over the years but there aren't any color choices when using Cermark to engrave stainless steel.

    The company that is now providing the new hats and T-shirts can make color decals any size and a host of other products as well.

    If anyone wants a custom license plate that is CNC machined from Corian I can make them but the cost would reflect the machining time. I can duplicate your State license plate style if that is what you prefer. Forgive the shameless plug but I am available to make custom shop signs if that is your pleasure. My sign company can laser engrave, CNC route and dye-sublimate Dupont Corian signs. We also have the capability to thermally bend Corian in just about any shape. My new web site has some pictures that might get your creative juices flowing and provide some ideas of what I am able to provide for your shop or your business. Signs from wood, PVC, etc are obviously available as well. I design and fabricate custom sign hangers and other metal projects as I have multiple bending machines and do Mig/Tig/Stick welding as well.
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  3. Louisiana only requires a license plate on the rear. We can put whatever we want on the front.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Delhommer Sr View Post
    Louisiana only requires a license plate on the rear. We can put whatever we want on the front.
    YES YOU CAN but will it stay on the front, the Rebel Flag is just one example of

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    There's an on-line site in Texas where you can order just about anything you want on a legal Texas plate. Use to be just the letters that spelled something. Now you can get all kinds of logos, colors, special interest, etc. I understand there is a database of forbidden letter combos and they check every request before making the plates.

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