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    corel how to

    Can someone with corel experience tell me hoe to make a true type font into a vector cut by using the wireframe or can you use the wireframe for that in corel
    I am tring to vector cut letters and words out thanks

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    If it is a true type font then just select it and right click on a different color this will add a hairline to the font then just left click the X on the same color pallet and this will remove the fill then just send it to the laser as a vector.

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    thanks mike i will try that , I am a lost puppy when it come to corel,i am pretty good eit the xenetech program but the corel

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    Are you opening your Object Manager? If not, be sure and do so. Lots of new users don't. It adds a huge amount of insight into what your doing. Then you can see if you have outlines on your fonts and other objects. I believe that type comes in with no outlines, subsequently you can't cut them without.
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