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Thread: Dovetail Practice

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    Great work! Practice always seems to help at every level
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  2. Those are some beautiful tools and dovetails. Good job. I am just starting dovetails, good job.

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    What a great inspiration. ..Clifford

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    I got my coping saw blades from either Tools for Working Wood ( pretty sure) or Tradtional Woodworker. I made my own fishtail chisel after I saw Rob Cosmans video. I e-mailed him and he said his was a 3/4 in that he ground himself. Bought the chisel at woodcraft.
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    Nice tape job on your handles, eh?

    Only a Canadian would tape up the handles of his woodworking tools like a hockey stick. Right down to the twisted tape ropes for grip.

    Thanks for the chuckles.


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    I just saw Rob Cosman today at the Canwest woodworking show in Abbotsford and I saw him make a one of those dovetail joints in 4 minutes. Needless to say I was amazed and if I get a chance one day to take his 5 day course I will most definately do it.


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    I have bought fret saw blades from Lee Valley and have not had any problems.

    I bought a pack of spirals and am still on the first blade.

    Bought a pack of mixed and still on the first blade.

    I think it came with some metal cutting blades that I used for some brass with no problem.

    Not using them everyday, but so far, they have been doing good.

    BTW, I must have half a dozen fret saws. Got a deal on eBay from someone selling them as coping saws.


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    The coping saw blades from TFWW work just dandy. They allow me to get into all the kerfs of all the joinery saws I use, I think they are .018" thick. I like them.

    Nice looking practice joints, very nice indeed.
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    An additional detail for through dovetails.

    Very nice dovetailing. I like to chamfer (Shamfer) the corner of through dovetails for a final touch. The light reflects from the wood and from some angles the joint looks like a half-blind (Lap) dovetail. I noticed the effect in one of Krenov's books, maybe 30 years ago...

    Also, if the carcass is one that is moved around a lot, (say a toolbox) this detail helps protect the corners from getting chipped or splintered so much.

    Just a thought. (Of which I have many; yet express so few!)

    “We need 18th-century woodworking tools and techniques about as much as we need 18th-century dentistry.” Dr. Andrew Friede

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