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Thread: adding dye to epoxy

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    Run of the mill powdered tempera paint from Michaels (black) has worked well for me. 1 part tempera per 20 parts epoxy. Disperse the powder into the epoxy polymer (part A) first before mixing in the catalyst (part B). A lifetime supply for me, my kids and grandkids cost about $5.

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    Years ago I purchased a kit of dry pigments from a national company that gave classes for finishers, and sold many products to fix finish defects, can't recall the name, There are peprhaps 15 different powdered pigments, the ones I use most often are burnt and raw umber, black, and champaign to tint epoxy.

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    13 year old thread....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mreza Salav View Post
    13 year old thread....
    Not anymore.

    I was wondering the same thing about tinting epoxy.

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